10 Best Comfortable Cotton Bras for sleep

A lot of females enjoy wearing a bra at night while sleeping, particularly if they have big breasts or merely like the support it provides. Nevertheless, it is not feasible to wear a regular everyday type of to sleep in as that’s very unpleasant and isn’t intended for such a purpose, particularly if the bra is one of the wired designs. Consequently, if you are expecting to sleep wearing a bra, it must be a devoted sleep style bra. This review picks 10 top sleep bras presently for sale and analyzes them in detail. Concentrating our endeavors on areas like their comfort level, what material it’s made of, and the available colors and sizes. We expect to concentrate on the things you may expect when you buy any of these kinds of bras, as well as their possible pros and cons.

Best Cotton Bras For Sleep

1 Fruit of the Loom Lady’s Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

Fruit of the Loom Lady’s Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

Do you find yourself somewhat fixated on sleep bras with spaghetti straps? If that’s true, you need to buy a sleep bra made by Fruit of the Loom. Not merely since they offer these comfy bras in a 3-in-1 package, but additionally since they’re quite flexible. Consequently, you are able to save lots of money and time looking for a comfortable bra to sleep in as well as to wear at other times.

In fact, this bra additionally stops you from developing a uni-boob due to the sewn in front. First and foremost, those graceful lines you can see in the cotton material visible make it even more flexible than a regular sleep bra.

Characteristics and Specifics:

  • Extremely soft and comfy material created with 95% cotton along with five percent spandex
  • Simple to clean via handwashing or in a washing machine using cold water so it keeps its bright color and flexibility
  • Available in a package with three solid colored sleeping bras having a total coverage sports bra type of design as well as a set of pads
  • Sturdy yet soft feeling spaghetti straps create a more elegant and comfy feel along with its tag-free labels
  • Intended to have a sports bra kind of style so the wearer can keep up with an active lifestyle and ladies don’t have to sacrifice comfort to do so
  • Sophisticated smooth lines create one of the top flexible bras
  • Complements undershirts and tanks and it comes in a large range of great colors

2 PRETTYWELL Sleeping Bra


This bra has no seams or wires and it is very stretchy. This choice made by PRETTYWELL is advertised as being a “zero feeling sleep bra.” The reason is the lack of underwire, clasps or similar devices, so it won’t pinch or squeeze and you won’t be tugging on it all day. It features pads you can remove with ease so you can change it out from daywear to nightwear in a flash. You can pick the thickness of the straps, as well as the shape as it comes in both scoop and V neck styles, and the straps come in racerback or regular.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “These are super comfortable and fit well. I bought them to sleep in and hardly notice them. They give light support and great coverage.”

3 Amoena Frances Front-Closing Leisure Bra

Amoena Front Closure Leisure Bra night

Made chiefly of soft cotton along with a tiny bit of spandex, the Amoena front-closing leisure bra is a lovely blend of comfort and convenience. It’s wide straps as well as its racerback style prevent all cutting, irritation, and discomfort, whilst a front-closing element works great if you sleep on your back or for people who’ve had recent surgery.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Had to have breast cancer surgery and the doctors suggested an all cotton front closing bra. This one is ideal. Soft and doesn’t rub except where the bandages are to be expected. Since you have to wear a bra 24 hours a day for two weeks you need something comfortable to sleep in and this one works. Ordered regular bra size.”

4 In Touch Bra made of organic cotton

In Touch Organic Cotton Bra

This In Touch Bra made of organic cotton is our pick for the highest rated support bra you can sleep in. Plus it’s a naturally allergen-free selection that’s not just extremely soft and fosters exceptional breathability. It additionally is created using a mix of ten percent spandex and ninety percent organic and non-GMO cotton! That mix guarantees a fit which shapes to the wearer’s body and it stretches to deliver maximum all around comfort. However, it is the bra’s natural elements which truly got our attention. It’s totally free of any chemicals, so, guarantees it is not simply safe to sleep in, it’s additionally advantageous to do it too.

This bra is so silky and smooth that it beats the rest when it comes to comfort, and the shape won’t wash out when you do the laundry. It’s available in sizes from regular small to ex-large. Plus you can choose from 10 different colors. Overall, it’s a fantastic looking modern design for a sleep bra. The straps crisscross so  you can use it for exercise as well as wear it for daily use.


This cotton and spandex wrap style sleeping bra softly lifts your breasts as it comforts and snuggles you during sleep. This dreamy bra will accommodate you from your first trimester of pregnancy to after the baby is born. It offers a simple to pull over style of cup for breastfeeding or milk pumping. Plus there’s not any clasps, wires or clips. You will feel pampered all day and night! It’s recommended to buy four, so you have one you can wear, as well as the others to wash, and sleep in, and the last to keep in reserve until needed. This sleep bra additionally adjusts as your pregnancy progresses, and you can buy it clear up to plus sizes. It has full coverage and wide straps to give you extra support where it’s needed most.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “They make me feel sexy and secure while I’m sleeping. This says a lot since my body is going through a ton of changes with my first pregnancy. They’re very comfortable and cute and I would definitely buy again.”


6 Majamas Organic Easy Bra

Majamas Organic Easy Bra

This sleep bra is a bit more expensive, but worth it due to the organic cotton and lyra materials, as well as its top notch quality. This bra goes on via pulling over your head. Plus there’s not any wires, clasps or hooks.  It features a wide band underneath which provides better support than regular sleeping bras.

Key Characteristics

  • Sufficient support for light day usage
  • Made of ninety-one percent organic cotton, nine percent lycra

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “They fit wonderfully (exactly like I expected) and the fabric is so soft! They were a decent price and feel like they’ll hold up better than cheaper options. Overall I’m thrilled!”

7 Boody Body EcoWear Bra

If you are trying to find a bra that’s environmentally friendly, then you’ve found it! This bra is made using a blend of materials that were ethically- and sustainably-sourced, to include nylon, spandex and bamboo viscose. This makes it lighter and softer than even cotton, as bamboo is a good option for sleep bras. That’s due to the fact it is very breathable and also moisture wicking so you won’t sweat at night. Another great feature is it doesn’t have any wires, seams, padding or clasps that might poke uir body as you move around during sleep.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This bra is so comfortable that you could sleep in it! I am a 40 D and purchased the XL. The best thing about the bra is that it wicks away moisture during the hot, long summers here in the southern U.S., so I haven’t developed any heat rashes like usual. I highly recommend it and I was not compensated for this review.”

8 Sloggi Invisible Sleep Bra

Sloggi Invisible Sleep Bra

This Sloggi sleeping bra is made of ninety-five percent cotton, so it keeps you cool and it’s very breathable, which makes it super comfy when the nights are hot. Plus if you have recently had surgery, the cotton fabric isn’t as likely to cause skin irritation. It has an underbust band made using soft elastic so it too will not dig into your breast or pinch you, and it fits quite well up against the ribs. It’s sized based on your underbust measurement. That makes it somewhat hard to figure out the cup sizes it fits. However, it only provides light support so it’s likely best for women who have small breasts.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love this bra so much! It’s even better than the one I bought over a year ago. The extra large fits me perfectly, and I am probably a 38 D, and I weigh about 210 lb.”

9 Hanky Panky Cotton Nursing Bralette

Hanky Panky Cotton Nursing Bralette

You can buy this bralette for breastfeeding in both chai and black colors. It’s extremely soft as it is made of cotton knit so if feels awesome on your skin, so you’ll be comfy all night.  The lacey trim makes it look feminine and fancy. It provides total coverage, which is great for support while you’re sleeping. It pulls on over the head, and has a snap release style cup so you can easily nurse your baby late at night without any trouble. Just feed your baby, snap it back on and stand by for cuddle time.

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10 Organic Cotton LUNE Sleep Bra

Organic Cotton LUNE Sleep Bra

A sleeping bra is a must-have for all mothers-to-be needing all day and night support. It is made using certified OEKO-TEX organic cotton, which makes it possible for the skin to breathe well, plus there’s no wires so it’s totally comfortable. It features a skinny elastic band that goes below the breasts to ensure proper support and comfort. It comes in grey, and it’s ideal for nursing moms because it has a crisscross style opening in the front.

11 Everlane sleeping bralette

The Everlane sleeping bralette is ideal to both relax and sleep in. We love its sporty cut as well as the fabulously soft double-layer of Supima cotton that provides both great coverage and supreme even though it has no wires. That means it won’t pinch or chaff you. Plus, you can adjust both the underarm band as well as the straps if  you need it to be looser come bedtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it harmful to your health if you sleep in a bra?

The key issue with most bras at times they’re too tight so they restrict your blood circulation or slow down lymphatic drainage. Consequently, the hypothesis is if you sleep braless you allow the breasts to relax. Nevertheless, that problem happens with most bras, but if you make sure the sleeping bra is comfy and doesn’t restrict your breasts, then you won’t have a problem.

I sleep hot all the time. What sleeping bra is best for me?

If you’re someone who sweats a lot at night, we recommend getting a sleeping bra made from moisture-wicking materials, such as nylon/spandex mixes. You can also get a breathable and lightweight cotton nightgown or sleeping bra.

Are maternity style bras just for nursing moms?

Not at all! Maternity bras are created to have a front pull over wrap feature so nursing moms can feed their babies easily at night. However, any woman can wear them if they so desire! They are well-known for being both comfy and supportive so mothers are able to rest easily.

Is it OK to sleep wearing a sports bra?

Once more, a sports bra is built to provide strong additional support when you exercise or are active in the daytime, however, that means it is not good for sleeping or wearing it at night. A sleeping bra, however, is more gently designed so it’s super comfy and focuses more on giving you overall light support. A specifically designed sleeping bra is desirable over wearing a dedicated sports bra because sleep bras are meant to be worn when you sleep. Nevertheless, some say you can wear two sleep bras if you want to use these kinds of bras while doing exercise or sports, but it’s mainly worn for sleeping.

Factors to consider when choosing sleeping bras

Bust Size:

Bust size is typically the main factor you normally consider if you want to buy a bra. Ladies know some bras aren’t good for some bust sizes. For instance, if you have big breasts you can’t wear a bra with tiny straps because it won’t hold up heavy breasts and would cause back discomfort. Small-breasted women might have a problem finding bras with the right size cups and straps too. However, a sleep bra isn’t meant to provide a lot of support and they also aren’t meant to be as fancy as bras for daily usage. Usually, they have a modest design without wires, so ladies of any sized breasts can wear them.

Wireless and Lightweight

After getting through a busy workday while wearing a bra with wires, it feels great to take it off.  But even if you despise wearing a bra with an underwire, you might like a more comfy sleep bra. They provide good support while not ruining your sleep. Then, you just need to buy a great lightweight sleeping bra without wires. There’s no reason for you to wear a push up bra or some kind of bra with wires. The wire pinches you and who wants to feel that when they are trying to sleep.  You can seek out a lightweight bra similar to one you’d wear for low-impact type sports. Or try out a bralette, which is normally designed with cotton and stretchy type fabrics. Plus some comfort bras additionally are good to sleep in because they have under strap support and are gartered. Even a bra without wires will provide sufficient support if you get one that fits well.

Pregnant or Nursing:

Your breasts get bigger when you’re pregnant or nursing, so nursing or maternity bras are meant to accommodate you as your breasts change in size. That saves you money so you won’t be buying a new bra as your breasts change. Plus they feature a wrap in the front so it’s simple to pull it over so you can nurse your baby. No one wants to have the hassle of unhooking and rehooking a bra with a hungry baby in the middle of the night.

It is additionally important to note that a maternity bra is quite comfy for ladies who aren’t nursing or pregnant. That’s because they are more forgiving since they’re designed to be worn with changing breast sizes, so they are great to sleep in since your breasts move around at night as you toss and turn.

Comfort as well as Support

If you wear a bra at night, it provides more comfort, especially for large breasted women, as they may need more support at night. That way your breasts stay properly positioned and your tissues aren’t strained. If you are pregnant you also may have very sensitive breasts so wearing a sleeping bra gives you more comfort as well as additional support.


Whatever style of bra you end up buying, we hope we’ve been able to assist you in your choice so you can find the ideal sleeping bra which is best for your breasts.


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