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12 Best Nightgowns With A Built In Bra That Will Keep You Comfy All Night

Nightgowns With a Built In Bra

I’ve picked out a few of my fave pajamas with built in bras and listed them below. If you’re like me and aren’t looking to have a closetful of babydoll-cut pajamas, scroll past to see some alternatives for breast support at night.

1 32 DEGREES Cooling Shirred Shelf Bra Cami

32 DEGREES Cooling Shirred Shelf Bra Cami

This floating top with a shelf bra and soft molded cups is lightweight and airy on sticky days (or nights). The subtle lining adds a delicate touch, and the polyester blend fabric has a four-way stretch for comfort.

Although it was built with comfort in mind, the combination of performance features and feminine style makes it so you could actually get away with wearing this t-shirt for many different occasions, from warm yoga to a casual night. Take these affordable cotton sleeping shorts with lace to make cute warm pajamas for your casual evenings.

Enthusiastic review: “YES this will contain your unruly tiddies. It fits true to size and leaves plenty of room to cover your stomach. Most importantly, its not a lame shelf bra, it actually offers support. (I wear a DDD+ bra)
I bought this to wear to bed, and liked it so much I ordered another one.”

2 Arabella Ballet Nightgown with a built in bra

This soft midi nightgown has a thin shelf bra for a comfortable fit and delicate double adjustable straps. According to reviews, Rayon jersey is soft and buttery and well washed in a machine.

A couple of buyers noticed that the armholes were cut low and sometimes showed a lightning the side of the breasts, but they liked the lightness and comfort of the nightgown.

“The right amount of support without being constrictive,” noted a buyer of the built-in bra, adding, “It does not hurt that it is feminine and cute for a start.”

3 ZMHaierle T-Shirt With a Padded Shelf Bra and Shorts Pajamas

These pajamas include a T-shirt with a wireless push-up bra for extra shaping. The PJ set is constructed via a mixture of extremely soft modal combined with breathable cotton which is very comfortable.

The shorts will not dig into your skin or become untied due to its elastic waist. Plus bonus! It also has pockets. This choice does not have a lot of reviews yet, however, if you are looking for some PJs that aren’t skimpy so you wear them if you have houseguests or if you are traveling, then this set is perfect. They are created with a particularly soft type of fabric.

Plus, look at the T-shirt with its built-in bra if you are thinking about wearing it along with the sleep shorts you already have.


This is slightly different from baby doll style nightwear. It contains a built-in support that Freya likes to call “secret support.” The nightgown size goes clear up to a large size and the size of the cup goes up to a G cup.

Enthusiastic review: “The cut of this gown is very flattering. IT IS SO SOFT LIKE BUTTER ON YOUR SKIN LADIES! SO comfortable it will become your new go to! The fit is as expected, has give in the hips…the coloring is spot on… love it”

5 H HIAMIGOS Tank nightwear with good bust support

This comfortable tank style of nightgown is complete with a lightweight shelf bra and removable bra cups like some swimsuits come with. This gives you shaping and support, yet it’s comfy enough to sleep in.

The mix of modal and spandex is very soft as well as stretchy. It comes in two styles: scoop neck and spaghetti straps.

One reviewer touted the comfort level of this set: “The material feels very nice, so I barely could tell I had anything on. The nightgown is that comfy!” Several reviewers particularly loved this gown because they felt it covered them more and therefore was great for traveling.


6 Ms Lovely Tank And Shorts Pajama Set With Lace Trim

We love this short, breathable chevron-printed cami, which has a built-in shelf bra for support and adjustable elastic straps for comfort. Combine this rocker with the matching Cool Nights Grosgrain Trim pajama shorts for an adorable, but comfortable look for sleep.

Enthusiastic Review: “These are incredibly soft and light. Love wearing these now that it’s getting hot. It’s so difficult to find pajamas with support without being a nursing pajama and I finally found one and it’s the perfect amount of comfy and sexy. I did think the straps on the tank were too long and didn’t hold “everything” in when I slept but I sewed them up about two inches each side to make them shorter and now these pajamas are perfect and you can’t even tell. I just bought another set because I love them so much. Thanks for the built in bra”

best nursing nightgown with built in bra

7 loveSIA 2pack Maternity Breastfeeding Nursing Dress

This dress with a built-in bra is perfect for moms looking for something they can wear without a bra after childbirth. It comes with a built-in bra that makes it easy to feed your baby discreetly. In addition, it is easy to wear this nursing nightgown with nursing pads.

iLovesia nightgowns are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex, creating a comfortable and stretchy fabric. It comes with removable pad inserts and a one-hand breastfeeding closure that makes it easy to feed even when your baby is in your arms.

Plus, the bra cups fall off, maximizing the skin-to-skin contact you’ll want to have with your newborn after delivery. A convenient size chart allows you to easily choose the right size for your bust. Something to note is that the dress can be a little tight, especially for mothers with smaller bust size, so it is better to wear after childbirth.

Enthusiastic review: “Loved this for after I delivered my twins and the hospital stay!! It fit great and was long enough with the belly and after delivery. At 34 weeks I weighed 213 & I’m 5’6 the dress came just above my knees. Very comfortable but way more stylish than the hospital robes provided. I also figured out how to use it as a hands free pumping bra by watching a YouTube video it was super simple. I wore it without another nursing bra which was convenient.”

8 Rofala Thermal with a Built-In Bra and a Long Sleeve Yoga T-Shirt

This set of Pajamas has a long-sleeved T-shirt that includes a built-in bra mean for wearing to do yoga, yet it has a breathable and soft cotton mix fabric with a thermal lining perfect for wearing to sleep in when it’s cold.

The cloth shelf bra has is made with sewn-in contour cups that deliver medium shaping and support. Plus it can be machine washed as well as tumble dried.

Wear it with top cotton flannel PJ pants to get a warm set. One buyer raved, “The built in bra is why I bought it. Plus the shirt is very soft and smooth and quite well made.”


9 LINGERLOVE Plus Size Eyelash Lace Babydoll With Underwire Cups

This beautiful sheer racerback nightgown is made of silky mesh, with eyelash lace on the cups, hem, and back panel. Both straps are fully adjustable on both sides, and the back strap features a wide triple hook and eye closure. It also comes with a matching thong.

Enthusiastic review: I love that this has underwires in it as a large chested woman. It makes the girls look good even though it does fit small in the top so I would suggest sizing up. I am a 36 G/GG and wear size 12 pants and I purchased the XXL. It fits great in the body and looks so sexy. I am going to purchase the other colors as it is so hard to find cheap lingerie with underwires!


10 TREELANCE Open Back Yoga Bodysuit


Although it’s not technically pajamas, this sleepy cotton bodysuit has a flexible open back and a slim shelf bra that you won’t feel. You can adjust the straps for a correct fit, and customers reported that the open back remained surprisingly well in place.

This is a more elegant option, but you pay for high-quality organic fibers and versatile loungewear where you can go out in it (sometimes coffee cannot wait!).

Enthusiastic review:” Absolutely adore this gorgeous unitard /onesie It’s so comfortable, stays in place, I love the adjustable straps! It’s also cute to layer a top over it. I am breastless, this has a bra attached inside, which is great since most have breasts. I was so pleasantly surprised how great it fits!”

11 Oh La La Cheri Halter Babydoll and G-string Set

This babydoll has wireless lace cups that don’t cut down much and the skirt is not so full.

It is difficult to see, but this piece is divided into the front of the skirt and the cups are sheer. The model is wearing nipple protectors for modesty.

It is also available in black and white. I recommend this piece for ladies up to a DDD cup, if you are larger than that with firmer breasts, it should work well too.

The comments are positive, but many mentioned it ran small, so ask for a larger size than you would normally wear.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love it. It’s very soft and elegant. The color is amazing. Perfect fit.”


Curvy Kate’s Can Can may be a great choice if you prefer a little more dressy sleepwear. This sleepwear has a built-in bra and is suitable for people with a J cup size. The garment offers a casual but also sexy atmosphere for someone looking for a top that has more support.

I’m looking for new pajamas. Last night, I slept in an old red shirt that I bought at GAP in 2018. My most frequently worn pajamas are retired gym clothes and the kind of boxy shirts you get at a promotional event. I haven’t had anything that could count as specialized sleepwear for years.

Although there are a lot of cute pajamas for all sizes, I went hunting specifically for nightgown with underwire bra. I wanted to see if I could find pajamas with bras for the D+ cups. It turned out to be a much more difficult task than I imagined, and my search seemed largely empty.

What I managed to find were many babydoll nighties and pajamas of similar cut and, and not much more. When it came to babydolls, there were two types. There were some styles with full supportive bras and bras sewn on top of the garment. There were others that depended on the horizontal seam just below the bust to provide “shelf” support to the chest.

Some Baby doll nighties were on the casual side, which was appropriate to sleep on a Tuesday night in bed alone. Most of the baby dolls I found, however, were the ones you wear on an “event” night, but they didn’t wear regularly. Although a lot of support is nice when you want to look the best in the bedroom, it’s not necessary for me when I’m in bed alone.

What I was looking for and couldn’t find were more casual pajamas shirts with built-in support of a kind. I wondered, is this because it is something people are not looking for, or is there is a demand for it and the product simply does not exist?

I managed to find some cami style pajamas shirts with built-in bras, but for the most part they just seem to fit well with the A and C cups, and things got a little dicey and unreliable when it comes to supporting a D cup.

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Why do big busted women want nightgowns with bust support?

When you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to see a sick child or wake up early to arrange breakfast for your family, you need a nightgown that is cute, comfortable and supportive. And for those of us who do not have children in the house, it would be very nice to find a nightgown with support on the bust that is both comfortable and supportive and more sensual!

Is a nightgown with a soft bust support anything that interests you?

Answer: Oh Heck Yes it does!

Your perfect supportive nightgown would be…

Answer: I had to mark: “One I could wear around the house in front of my children! But only because this is the phase of life that I am in right now. I have little children standing around at night, and I wake up early to prepare breakfast for them, so if I could find something that was comfortable, not too revealing, then I’d be totally to that.

Have you ever slept in a bra because you needed extra support?

Answer: Yes, especially if I stay with someone else or if we have guests. It’s a combination of security, modesty, and courtesy. You never know who you’re going to meet on the bathroom trip at 4 am.

What material is best for a nightgown?

Like any garment, nightgowns come in a wide variety of different fabrics that each has its own advantages.

For something light, breathable, soft, and easy to clean, cotton is the best material. Bamboo fabrics have many of the same advantages as cotton, but they are more eco-friendly.

However, none of these are especially warm, so you can choose a flannel or fleece in the coldest months.

Although nylon and polyester blends are also common because they remove moisture and are breathable, they are not always as soft as bamboo or cotton.

The only material you want to avoid is silk. Silk does not remove moisture and breast milk can even stain it when your breasts inevitably leak at night.

What Types of Fabric Should I Consider?


Although you need your pajamas to be functional, you also need to feel comfortable. Different fabrics offer different pros and cons, so be sure to check the label on your sleepwear before buying.

1 cotton

Cotton is a breathable fabric and very popular for every day and sleepwear. It is not exceptionally hot, so you may need extra layers of bedding if you are in cold weather, but the good news is that it will not overheat you. A disadvantage, however, is that cotton does not wick moisture well. So, if you choose cotton, you need to make sure to use pads and bra to prevent leaks, which could be uncomfortable.

2 Bamboo

Bamboo is soft, comfortable and absorbs moisture from your skin. This is a natural and ecological option. Although bamboo is not as popular as cotton, it can be a good option for a nursing mother, if you can find it in stores.

3 Fleece

Fleece is excellent for wicking moisture from the skin, so it is often used as an insert in layers of fabric. However, fleece is not breathable, so it can cause sweating. Although this is a great option for women who tends to run cold (fleece will keep you warm), it may not be good for a woman who quickly overheat.

4 Flannel.

Flannel is not a specific material, but rather a kind of fabric. Flannel tends to be breathable and warm and is perfect for colder seasons and climates. However, its moisture absorption properties vary depending on the material from which it is made.

6 Nylon and Polyester

Nylon/Polyester are synthetic materials that are highly breathable and absorb moisture well. However, they are not as soft, supple, or comfortable against the skin as cotton tends to be.

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