5 Best alternatives CPAP Machine

Today I’m gonna show you how can you choose the best alternatives CPAP mask.

1) The Winx Therapy 

This is an alternative to sleep apnea especially if you have a BMI of less than 40kg/m2. Furthermore, if you can easily breathe through your nose and you are under 18, Winx Sleep Therapy is one of the critical alternative treatments for sleep apnea. This means of treating sleep apnea works by exerting a negative force on your mouth cavity, thus drawing the palate and uvula forward. This keeps your tongue staunch and opens the air channels wider. If you have a lung disorder or feeble teeth, this method is unsuitable for you.

2) Sleep Apnea Devices Saline Drops

You can use saline drops to keep your nasal passage clear Put tiny saline drops in your nose every day before retiring to bed. Nasal drops are not expensive and are a drug-free solution which offers breathing relief, and it also helps in reducing sleep apnea occurrences.
You can get saline drops on the counter in any pharmacy, and it’s a great option before you embark on buying expensive devices.

3) Inspire Technology Therapy

It is usually planted into the respiratory channels. Since it can sense the sequences of your respiration, it will stimulate the muscles of your air openings and keep them open. If you do not have an entire palate collapse and aged above 22, this greatly works for you. Sadly, if you have a hypopnea index greater than 25, this means is unsuitable for you. It is still, however, an overwhelming sleep apnea treatment without cpap.

4) Somnoplasty

This method utilizes the Temperature Radio Controlled Frequency to reduce your organ sizes deftly and with utmost accuracy. Interestingly there are no restrictions to this means of sleep apnea treatment without CPAP. It is hence one of the ideal alternatives to cpap for sleep apnea .