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Why is My 5-Year-Old Grinding Their Teeth?

5-Year-Old Grinding Their Teeth

Is your five-year-old grinding their teeth at night? Why do kids grind their teeth at night anyway? Will a five-year-old grinding their teeth cause permanent damage? Is there anything you can do to stop your child from grinding their teeth while sleeping?

These are some of the questions parents ask when their children are grinding their teeth at night. The good news is, there is an easy solution to this common problem. Mouth guards are inexpensive, often customizable, and can help prevent long term damage to your child’s teeth and jaw.

Why do kids grind their teeth while sleeping?

Kids grind their teeth at night for many different reasons. Sometimes stress and worry can cause even young children to clench their jaw and grind their teeth while they sleep. Sometimes, their teeth are misaligned, making it difficult for their teeth to rest in a comfortable position throughout the night.

Pain from ear infections or headaches can also cause children to grind their teeth at night. Other medical reasons may also contribute to a five-year-old grinding their teeth at night, such as hyperactivity or certain medications.

Can tooth grinding cause long term damage?

Children can develop painful symptoms as a result of grinding their teeth at night, such as headaches and jaw pain.

If teeth grinding continues for long periods of time, it can lead to tooth enamel being worn down and causing the teeth to become sensitive.

Due to these reasons, you may wish to have your child sleep with a mouth guard at night to cushion the teeth and help prevent damage. Make sure that you choose a mouth guard that is made for a child’s mouth to prevent any discomfort or pain with use.

The 5 Best Mouth Guards for Children:


Nuanchu Nighttime Mouth Guard for Teeth Clenching

Nuanchu Nighttime Mouth Guard for Teeth Clenching


This mouth guard has a simple design and comes in a size that is suitable for most children. Because the design is minimalistic, this would be a good choice for travel or occasional use to help prevent teeth grinding and relax your child’s jaw.

This mouth guard is not customizable like some of the other ones on this list, but it is very inexpensive and effective. If your child has serious issues with grinding their teeth, you may want to choose a mouth guard that can be fitted to their mouth specifically.

Reazeal Kids Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

These mouth guards are soft and durable, made to be worn regularly for long periods of time in comfort. They are also easy to mold to your child’s unique mouth shape with their boil-and-bite design, making them a good choice for regular use.

These mouth guards are sized for older children around aged 9-15, but they can be trimmed down for younger children or those with smaller mouths. The softer material makes them a comfortable choice for nighttime use. 

Leesgel Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth

This is another soft, but durable option for your child who grinds their teeth at night. Made to be used over and over again, this mouth guard is able to be molded and remolded with the use of hot water. You can even use this type of mouth guard for other activities such as sports.

While ideal for older children, the soft material allows the mouth guard to be trimmed down to fit younger kids and smaller mouths.

Longevity Turtle Kids Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

Similar to other options, this night guard is made of soft but strong material for long term use. Able to be used for a variety of activities as well as sleep, this moldable mouth guard will last for a good amount of time and comes with a case to keep it clean between uses.

Sized specifically for kids ages 5-10, this is a smaller mouth guard perfect for those younger children that are grinding their teeth at night.

Sova Junior Night Guard Custom Fit

The Sova Junior Night Guard has a unique, ventilated design that allows your child to drink water while wearing it. It is also moldable up to twenty times, and is suitable for even the strongest teeth grinding.

The junior size is made for children ages 6-11 and is completely odor and taste free. It also comes in fun colors your child is sure to love!

As with any new experience, keep in mind that your child may need some time to adjust to the way a mouth guard feels. But with a little practice, they should be able to wear any of these mouth guards comfortably while sleeping.

A few tries can make all the difference for your children’s teeth and jaws as they learn that they have less pain when they wear their new mouth guard to bed!

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