How I Cured My Sleep Apnea, With This Alternative Cpap 

I have been struggling with sleep apnea for years due to how much I work, stress, and a poor sleep routine. These poor sleeping habits are not suitable for my health or wellbeing. I had to take control of my sleep apnea and found a CPAP alternative!

Keep reading to see how my sleep apnea got cured in three days without CPAP!

I went to a Respiratory Specialist

The first thing your GP will do is refer you to a respiratory specialist who will address obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). After my initial diagnosis, I received NO feedback for treatment.

I had a Sleep Study Done

Due to the unsatisfactory results with the respiratory specialist, I chose to have a sleep study done. Is this process uncomfortable? Yes! They place electrodes on your head, face, and collarbones. To add to the discomfort, you have a nasal breathing tube and thermometer under your nose while laying on an unpleasant altar-like bed.

The report confirmed that I had sleep apnea!

The diagnosis left me confused. I now had the answers that I was looking for, but how would I fix the problem?

The doctor recommended a sleep apnea machine.

The CPAP Machine Ordeal

I used the CPAP machine for three months and opted to use the humidifier and heated tubes. It made me feel like I was suffocating. Even after adjusting the settings higher over time, it continued to get worse.

I did not see any positive results and could not keep using the machine anymore. After continued use and unsuccessful trials, I decided to quit. Things with my doctor up until that point had been great until I wanted to discuss alternative methods. He wanted me to keep trying the treatment, but I was ready to move on.

I didn’t feel like my doctor was listening to me and abruptly ended the conversation, instructing me to pay for the visit and schedule a new one for the next month. I was determined to stop using the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and left the doctor’s office feeling disappointed and let down.

Seeking Alternative Methods for Sleep Apnea

After the awful experiences with the CPAP machine and lack of support, I decided that I would not return and will find the help I need on my own.

From my research, I found the Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Exercise Program. I am pleased to tell you that it was the best decision I ever made.

Here is how it worked:


  • Within three days I saw results! It worked immediately.
  • It is so easy and effortless to do.
  • These exercises can be used by anyone – no matter your age or physical shape.
  • These exercises can be used by anyone – no matter your age or physical shape.

After one month, I saw significant results after doing a new sleep study! I feel great – more energized, and I have never slept better.

I wanted to share my good news with you because the CPAP machine might not work for you, and there is an alternative method to CPAP.

There are many negative opinions about throat, jaw, tongue, and mouth exercises. Exercise training is excellent for you if you are stuck and don’t feel that the CPAP machine can work – Do yourself a favor and give this 3-minute exercise program a try.

To live a healthier life, you need to get good sleep. If you had a bad night’s rest, you would have reduced energy levels and feel lethargic each day. Life has become more exciting, and I can’t help but share the good news with the world! Don’t be afraid to try alternatives to CPAP – you won’t regret it!