6 best Alternative To Earplugs For Sleeping in 2022

For those who struggle to sleep, any noise can cause an unwelcome disruption. Earplugs are a great option for some, but many find them uncomfortable or painful when sleeping. If you are one of the millions of people who need a product that helps you sleep by dampening the sound around you, you may feel stuck with traditional earplugs. The good news is, many sleeping products will help you get the comfortable, deep sleep you deserve without settling for pain and discomfort. If you’re ready to ditch your earplugs for a better option, just keep reading.

Here are Best alternative to earplugs for sleeping

1 Mack’s Ear Putty

Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Alternative To Earplugs

Traditional earplugs go deep within your ear and cause painful pressure points when you push against them while sleeping. Mack’s Ear Putty is an excellent alternative that provides noise protection without pain. The moldable, silicone putty easily fits your unique ear shape, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

The latex-free, non-toxic, and non-allergenic silicone is reusable and waterproof and provides a soft and comfortable fit no matter your ear’s shape. It is recommended and used by doctors worldwide for its unsurpassed comfort, seal, and noise reduction rating of twenty-two decibels.

2 Sleep Headphone

sleep headphones Alternative To Earplugs

For those who enjoy the sound of soothing music or white noise while they sleep, these Sleep Headphones are your new best friend! Made from high-quality, super-soft fabrics and memory foam, these lightweight and breathable headphones will ensure you enter into a deep rest without noisy distractions.

The eye mask features eye contours to allow the eyes to move freely without pressure or discomfort and the adjustable strap ensures the perfect fit every time. The hi-fi stereo sound produced by the Bluetooth headphones allows you to sleep emersed in the highest quality sound you could imagine.
The thin speakers won’t create uncomfortable pressure points, even when sleeping on your side and provide up to ten hours of playtime on a one to two-hour charge. Enjoy the best sleep of your life in the blacked-out comfort these sleep headphones provide.

3 White Noise Machine

White Noise Machine Alternative To Earplugs

White noise machines are an excellent alternative to earplugs for those who are sensitive to sounds around them as they sleep. This White Noise Machine provides six soothing sleep sounds guaranteed to make you fall asleep quickly and easily. Chose from Ocean, Brook, Rain, Thunder, White Noise, or a Summer Night to drown out unpleasant sounds and help you maintain a deep sleep all night long. Background noises are no longer a problem whether you’re home or away since you can take this portable white noise machine with you wherever you go. Choose either battery power or the AC adapter to create the ideal sleeping environment wherever you are. The optional auto-off timer allows you to choose between 15,30, or 60-minute intervals if you prefer not to have it run the entire night. A great night’s sleep is only a moment away with this white noise machine.

4 Door Guard

Door Guard Noise

If you’re using earplugs to mask the noise of others, a door guard may be the solution. For doors with a large gap between the threshold, the Door Guard works to block sound from entering the room, ridding you of the need for uncomfortable earplugs. Fully adjustable to almost every door, you can easily trim the inserts for the perfect seal without costly equipment. The material is soft and easy to clean and won’t cause damage to your door or floor, making it an ideal option for renters. Use it on every door where you want to eliminate annoying sounds from other people, animals, machinery, cars, and trains. There’s no need to spend a lot to soundproof your room, simply use the Door Guard and get the quiet night’s sleep you never knew you could experience.

5 Bose Sleepbuds

Bose Sleepbuds for sleep

Bose Sleepbuds aren’t headphones but a unique earbud that delivers only calming and noise-masking sounds to help promote deep and rejuvenating sleep. Known for its high-quality sound production, Bose created the perfect answer to noise-sensitive sleepers looking for a way to drown out offenses noises and immerse themselves in soothing, sleep-promoting sounds. Bose doesn’t just cancel out bad sounds; it masks them to create unparalleled protection against unwanted nighttime disturbances. Over fifty custom-curated sleep sounds are available from the Bose Sleep app designed to promote deep, restful sleep and controllable on your phone.

Control the volume and access features like your personal alarm to bring these sleepbuds to the next level. The proprietary silicone tips are designed for all-night comfort even if you sleep on your side or toss and turn. The battery lasts up to ten hours on one charge, with an additional three charges stored in the charging case. Don’t waste another night trying to drown out unwanted noises without these Bose Bluetooth Sleepbuds.

6 Sleep Headband

This ultra-slim and stretchy headband is the perfect option for those looking for sound dampening with the option to listen to soothing sounds as they sleep. The thin material entirely covers the ears and blocks noise, while the 0.25-inch speakers create high-quality sound without discomfort. There is the option to use a wired cable, so you never have to worry about the battery dying if you use up the ten-hour charge. The sturdy chipset ensures you never experience sound loss no matter how many times you toss and turn during the night. There’s no need to worry about overheating as you sleep; the headband is made from durable braided cord and mesh-lined material, ensuring breathability and cool comfort all night long. You’ll love the solid night’s sleep you get without pesky noise distractions with this hypoallergenic sleep headband!

For those sensitive to noises while they sleep, earplugs can offer a way to silence unwanted sounds. However, many find that earplugs create painful pressure points and don’t always give the sound dampening effects they want. If you wish to block out the excess sounds that keep you from getting the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve, there are options available. Don’t waste another night feeling frustrated; a quiet night’s sleep is only one product away!

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