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Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder effecting an estimated 1 in ever 2,000 people – but only 25% of those are diagnosed and receive treatment. Those who suffer from it have overwhelming daytime drowsiness, regardless of the circumstances and can fall asleep when they don’t want to and when it’s unsafe. They may find it […]
Many of us believe that comfort should always be a priority, whether you go camping or have guests staying overnight. Therefore, whether you’re sleeping indoors or outdoors, air mattresses with frames are very useful.  Most of us are used to the support we get from our traditional beds. While an air mattress provides a cheaper […]
‘Stop snoring, it’s irritating, I cannot sleep, you are waking me up every night to silence you and after you sleep again, you still snore, worst of all, you do it loudly. Jeez, if only people could snore in silence’, is what was running through my mind and what i would have actually said if […]

Do you snore loudly or gasp for air while sleeping and wake up with a morning headache or with dry mouth? These are some of the known symptoms of sleep apnea. It is distinct that if you are breathing

Hi everybody today I’ll show you the best 5 noise canceling devices for sleeping Silence is golden at night since it is a perfect way to relax your mind after a busy day. However, you might be living in a crowded area where it is very noisy at night which gives you sleepless nights. Noise […]
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