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A lot of medical conditions could lead to sleep disruption or too much daytime sleepiness which are known as sleep disorders. Sleep disorders will prevent you from having enough sleep. If you are wondering how many sleep disorders are there? This answer is yours: there are about 80 various types of sleep disorders and close […]

Do you snore loudly or gasp for air while sleeping and wake up with a morning headache or with dry mouth? These are some of the known symptoms of sleep apnea. It is distinct that if you are breathing

Today I’m gonna show you what is the difference between cpap and bipap. Research has shown that approximately 22 million Americans experience dangerous sleep disorder commonly referred to as sleep apnea. This condition makes them have difficulties when breathing at night. However, sleep apnea is treatable through BiPAP therapy and CPAP therapy. Therefore, before we […]
Snoring not only disrupts the sleep patterns of those around us but also affects our own sleep quality. It is a thorny issue that causes irritability and has driven a lot of couples to the edge of their homes. According to a study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition, 45% of U.S. adults snore […]

best Sleep apnea Pillow

On November 3, 2018

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes your airways to be obstructed making your breathing become interrupted when you are asleep. It really doesn’t matter when you have sleep apnea that you ar



On October 15, 2018
Insomnia Test: Do I Have Insomnia?   causes and solutions Sleep apnea Test: Do I Have Sleep apnea? Sleep apnea causes and solutions Narcolepsy Test: Do I Have Narcolepsy? Narcolepsy causes and solutions restless leg syndrome Test: Do I Have RLS? Nocturnal Myoclonus or restless leg syndrome cause and solution You know when you have […]
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