10 Best comfortable sleepwear for large bust 2022

While some enjoy the time to be able to take your bra off as soon as you walk through the door, some fuller-busted women prefer to avoid going completely without support.

Big boobs can sometimes be uncomfortable during sleep, while people also just want a little light support around the house. An option is between going completely braless or staying in your four-part cup construction with hoops.

Here is a series of supportive sleepwear for large busts.

1 Shadowline silhouette nightgown for fuller bust


Remember when you were watching soap operas as a kid and glamorous ladies had stylish nightgowns with matching silky dresses? You feel like you’re DOOL or Y&R in this dress. It comes in other lengths; I was nervous about having the long length of 53”, but it hits above my fee. It is also available in large sizes.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This nightgown is beautiful and comfortable. I did have to get a larger size than originally ordered, but if I had looked at the sizes/measurements before ordering, I would have been fine. Go by your bust size. And seriously, why would you want to wear this nightgown around family or house guests? The lace top is meant to be see through and sexy. I ordered the black and love it.”


2 Freya Fancies Chemise for large bust:

Freya Fancies Chemise

These semi-transparent light slips are perfect for warm weather sleep. They have enough support that you will not fall from them, but they provide a pleasant light layer and a cheerful touch of color. I have a lot of them and use them to the point where they fall apart. They are some of my favorite nightwear.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Very nice and comfortable on the skin, flatters and will make anyone feel super hot. I have it in black too. That’s how cool I think they are.”



Why don’t they make more sleepwear with a built in bra? Especially after having and nursing Emerson, I don’t have the brightest breasts and not only is it silly looking for my breasts hanging in sleepwear, it’s not terribly comfortable. This dress has a collection and a seam under the bust that does not lift the bump but at least separates them from my stomach, giving me a little shape. It is a soft and silky fabric, a style that is not too much like underwear, and has been very well preserved by several washes and tumble dryers. It’s also available in large sizes.

4 Glamourmom nightwear for big busts

Glamourmom for large brust

A good thing about being a nursing mother was finding bra tanks that really fit into my big chest. I could be one of those women in flannel pajama pants, a tank top and fuzzy slippers while drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning! The fact is that nursing tanks look like nursing tanks. You can often see the cutout through the top layer of the bodice, and there are plastic fasteners right there on the straps. Glamourmom realized that women liked their tanks, even if they did not breastfeed and made a non-nursing version. They look like traditional bra tanks, but they have a built-in soft cup and fit DDD cups.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This nursing nightgown fits me very well and I’m a curvy plus sized woman. I don’t normally order clothing online because it never works out but I was desperate. It fits my bust while also fitting through the hips and waist (empire waist). The nursing flaps are easy to snap on and off and the straps are adjustable. I’ve washed it a ton and while there is some pilling on the lace, it’s held up very well. Also, quite light weight, soft, and cool which was good since I was seriously overheated for months after pregnancy.”

5 Dreams & Co. Women’s Plus Size Lace-Trim Tee Pajama for large busts

Dreams & Co. Women’s Plus Size Lace-Trim Tee Pajama Set

This combo t-shirt and pajama pants can be worn together or separately. The lace detail on top is stylish enough to rest around the house or (make a quick trip to the store), but it does not itch. Reviews raved about the set, claiming that it washes well and is very comfortable.

6 Figleaves Nursing sleepwear for large breasts

Figleaves Womens Nursing Hidden Support Cami Size

Figleaves is still one of my favorite places to buy DD+ bras, but did you know they also sell their own line that includes specially designed DD+ sleepwear? Their camisoles and chemicals have hidden bust support and are available in UK sizes 8-18 and up to 20 in selected models.


7 Soma Intimates:

Soma intimates pride themselves on lingerie and sleepwear that are not only beautiful but comfortable. They have a line of nightwear called Cool Nights that keeps you cool and dry (wonderful for hot flashes or if you’re like me and sleep next to someone who radiates a ton of heat). The camisoles of this line have integrated soft cups for a soft shape and support. All dream camis, dresses and chemicals from Soma Intimates have at least one empire waist and come together for something in the shape of a bust-shape, if not a soft bra.

8 Core Built-Up Chemise by Tia Lyn

I sleep in one of them at least once a week. I have a red and black version from past seasons that have remained beautifully, despite an incredible number of times through the washer and dryer. They provide lightweight support in larger cup sizes and look great. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. They are a great gateway to the Tia Lyn brand and everything it has to offer.


Bravissimo, a pioneering power throughout the full-bust space, updates its offer of supportive sleepwear every season. This cami nightgown generously fits British bras 30-36 E-H and 38 E-GG.

Can I wear nightwear out of the house?

There was a time when going out at night dressed from head to toe in silky pajamas would cause concern for your friends. But wearing sleepwear beyond your front door has been one of the biggest fashion trends of the past three seasons.

You’re worried? You don’t have to go the whole hog. Simply wear silky pajama pants with an extra leg length to make it flattering on a high-heeled sandal. Or, wear a satin pajama top as if it were a silk shirt, for example, with jeans and a camisole underneath.

Buying Guide – Tips For Choosing The Best Plus Size Pajamas

We’ve created a Buying Guide to make sure you choose the best oversized pajamas for your needs. When looking to buy, here are six criteria to look for in choosing the best sleepwear plus size:


Pajamas are usually made with materials that will take care of your skin. You need to choose a flexible material that makes movement more comfortable and easier. The choice of material depends on the climate and weather. In winter, fleece and flannel material are the best choice because they are curly and warm. You need to choose the material of cotton or knitted fabrics, as it is comfortable, breathable and absorbs perspiration. In cold weather, such as autumn and spring, you need to select linen or satin material.


Choose a horizontal pattern The vignette makes you look bigger. Therefore, choose a simple plaid or vertical pajamas. A vertical or indefinite line will make you look higher. It also makes your body very long, making your body slimmer. On the contrary, wearing horizontal pajamas will create an optical illusion that can make your body look bigger. With so many fashionable patterns and patterns, your pajamas can be reflected in different ways.


You should choose dark, monochrome, neutral or harmonious colors because these shades can help hide imperfections and create a slimming illusion. On the other hand, bright colors can add weights and give the illusion of a larger frame. You can choose solid tone coordinates to become a class. Or experience the sparkle of colors and decorations in geometric shapes for a youthful touch.


Regardless of the pajamas, you need to choose the right shape, not too wide or too tight. Many people think that choosing pajamas is a little tight to make them smaller, but sometimes it will reveal a greasy plump. But if you choose pajamas that are too wide, they will become sloppy and bulky. It is crucial that you buy large size pajamas that has adjustable straps. When buying online, you should take the time to check the size chart and make sure you have checked the dimensions before buying. Since women have different body types, you can choose pajama styles to complement your body. Apple types will look good in high waist stockings. Pear types should take the opposite path. Silk pajamas comfortably fall on the body and adapt to any shape.


In the possibility that you lean towards a more adult and feminine look, choose a sexier style with a deep V-neck and spaghetti straps. In case you are heavy, keep your best shading solid and generally smooth, and see everything with shorts designed to adjust the look. Conversely, in the event that you are heavier at the bottom, choose a short wide leg in block color and choose a detailed and colorful top. Choose a pajamas so you can easily wear them both in and out of bed. You can combine your best oversized pajamas for the day.


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