19 Comfy Sleep Bras for Every Cup Size & Body Type

In fact, I especially remember going into fourth grade, the only person in my class who required a full underwire bra.

Although my breasts have their clear benefits, they’ve often hindered me since they first appeared, especially when I try to get comfortable in bed.

Fortunately, a sleep bra is designed to relieve any breast discomfort you may experience while lying in bed at night, such as pressure caused by gravity pulling down on the chest.

Don’t worry if you have a bigger bust, there are a lot of sleep bras for people of all sizes. There are bras for both night and day, in terms of your comfort. Sleeping bras for large breasts can be more comfortable than a typical bra.

And regular bras and sports bras can serve as sleeping and casual bras, but not all fit like a stretchy jersey. Cotton sleep bras are often very comfortable. Various types of fabric materials, underwire, and rigid cups cause skin bumps and annoying tracks in the skin. Slippery fabrics are more likely to make you pull on your breasts and flip.

However, if you’re like me and you hate to part your breasts like the Red Sea while lying on your back, then you have some options. These are some of the most striking fasteners that provide comfort and central support, so you can sleep in any position without pulling yourself down.

Best Sleep Bras for Large Busts

1 Bali Comfort Revolution Easylite Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Easy lite Bra

This seamless, lightweight bra is perfect for sleep. With stretchy, soft fabric and sizing up to 3X, women with larger busts can sleep in comfort.

The material is also cooling and comfortable, which can help keep you from overheating or sweating through the night.

Best Strapless Sleep Bra

2 Fashion Forms Bandeau by Soma

Fashion Forms Bandeau by Soma

Shaped like a tube top with optional pads, this bandeau style bra is seamless and soft, making it a good choice for a strapless sleep bra.

There are no clasps or hooks in this pullover style bra, which means nothing digging or pinching overnight. While larger busted women might prefer more supportive styles, this is a comfortable choice for women with average breast size.

best nursing sleep bra

3 Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely French sleep bra

The Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra is the winner of the Mom’s Choice Award because of its soft French terry, bamboo, rayon, and spandex. No wires and no buttons, and since it is usually used for breastfeeding, the cups adapt to changing boobs sizes. Although this bra is intended for breastfeeding, its design and functionality make it comfortable to sleep in. It is available in a range of color options with a total of 13 choices to choose from! And it comes in sizes ranging between extra-small and XXL.

The elegant French terry racerback Lactation Sleep Bra is the editor’s choice here and the best pregnancy sleep bra we can recommend.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I am a 42 DDD and have been really researching nursing bras. It has been suggested multiple times to order these for sleeping. I just got mine in and have to say I am shocked with how much support these bras actually provide especially for a plus size large breasted woman! They are very soft and comfortable”

Best cotton sleep bra

4 Amoena Front-Closure Leisure Bra

Amoena Front Closure Leisure Bra night

Cotton sleep bras are perfect for breasts of all sizes. This soft wireless bra features a shirt chest and a hook-and-eye closure on the front. The front fastener is easy to use. This soft cotton sleep bra comes in a lovely cotton bag. It can be used as a sleep bra and can stay firmly in place in a fixed or casual way. Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I absolutely love this bra. I got this to wear after a breast reduction and it is extremely comfortable. The material is soft and the elastic band is thick enough to provide support but not get in the way of the incisions. I wear this all day, even to sleep and I love it. I plan to purchase more!”

5 In Touch Organic Cotton Bra

In Touch Organic Cotton Bra

The In Touch Organic Cotton sleep bra is the top support bra for sleep, as it’s a natural, allergen-free choice that is not only super-soft and promotes excellent breathability, but also made of 10% spandex and an incredible 90% organic cotton without GMOs! This fabric combination ensures it fits your body and stretches to provide maximum comfort, so it’s great as a sleep bra for a large bust size. But its natural element really caught our attention. It is free of chemicals, so you can be sure it is not only safe to sleep in, but also useful to do it.

It has a different type of comfort than any other, providing a silky feeling, and maintaining its shape after each wash. Available in standard sizes (small to larger dimensions), they come in a magnificent selection of ten colors. The band bends nicely, so it can serve as a daily bra for yoga and leisure as well.

If you looking for a cotton sleeping bra, this one is great.

Enthusiastic review: “Specifically for sleeping in to stop sagging breasts.”

Best Wireless Sleep Bra

6 Boody Body EcoWear Shaper Bra

Boody Body Eco Wear bra

Eco-friendly bamboo material makes this seamless bra incredibly soft and breathable. The simple pullover design means that there won’t be any wires or clasps to dig in while you sleep.

With its ribbed fabric, it even provides the support you need if you want to keep wearing it all day long!

Best Plus Size Sleep Bra

7 DELIMIRA Sleep Comfort Support Plus Size Bra

DELIMIRA Soft Cup Wire free Sleep Comfort Support Plus Size Bra

This attractive, comfortable sleep bra is available in sizes 34B to 48G, making it a perfect choice for plus size women. With wide straps and hook and eye closures, you can make sure that you get the best fit for your body type.

Comfortable fabric and wire free design add to the appeal of this plus size sleep bra. Choose one of the five color options and get comfy in style.

best sports bra to sleep in

8 PRETTY WELL Sleep Bra for Women


If you need a sports bra for a big bust, PRETTY WELL Bra is a great Comfortable Seamless Wireless Stretchy Sports Bra.

This bra provides the perfect extra-soft comfort for easy wearing during pregnancy, and even as a general support bra for sleep. It has a free elastic belt that ensures you won’t feel pinched or restricted all night long, and you can take it as your daily wear as its beautiful design enhances this comfort and support.

Having easy access to pull while moving, you don’t have to grope through layers and clips — you just push the bra aside with one hand. Better yet, although it provides an adequate level of practicality, it can be modified to provide more support.

These are super comfortable and fit well. I bought them to sleep in and hardly notice them. They give light support and great coverage.”


Best Sleep Bra for Saggy Breasts

9 Nightlift Lace Lift Bra

Nightlift Lace Lift Bra

Each breast is supported and held in place individually with this sleep bra specifically designed for saggy breasts. Lightweight, breathable microfiber keeps you comfortable while satin straps and lace design keep you feeling stylish and attractive.

With adjustable straps above each cup, you can maintain the support you need to keep your breasts supported and in place all night long.

Breast Separator for Sleeping

10 Intima Breast Pillow

Intimia Breast Pillow

Not exactly a bra, this breast pillow fits firmly between the breasts to provide support for both back and side sleepers. The purpose of the breast pillow is to reduce and eliminate creases and wrinkles caused by the breasts pushing together during sleep.

Available in sizes XS through XL, the breast pillow is covered in satin material for smooth comfort, while the firm design separated your breasts effectively for optimal support.

Best Sleep Bra to Prevent Wrinkles

11 Bravity Women Anti-Wrinkle & Creases Cleavage Sleep Bra

Bravity Women Anti-Wrinkle for sleep

Thinking that this may not look like your medium style sleep bra, the Bravity Women Anti-Wrinkle and Creases Cleavage Sleep Bra offer all the advantages of these types of bras, but with a slight variation in the standard look.

This is our choice of the best bra to sleep in after surgery as it provides increased support to those recovering from recent implants or mastectomy, a time when more comfortable support is needed. In addition, it offers fantastic anti-wrinkle properties that are intended to work on reducing and decreasing folds and lines on the cleavage that develop over time.

This is a clinically proven sleeping bra that is also padded on the front, meaning your Y-shape is separated and supported where it is most needed. From very small to very large sizes and available in two colors, this encourages natural lymphatic toxins in the chest area to be cleaned.

Customers of this seamless adjustable sleep bra find it really works to fight lines while doing it with great comfort.

Best Sleep Bra for Implants

12 The Breast Whisperer Bra for Augmented Women

The Breast Whisperer Bra for Augmented Women

This bra is a nighttime bra specifically made for women with breast implants. It helps to fight the effects of gravity and maintain lift in the breasts throughout the night.

The breathable fabric will keep you comfortable while the fully supportive design is perfect for breasts with implants. Soft and wireless, this bra combines comfort and support for a great sleep experience.

13 Vanity Fair Full-Figure Wire-Free Bra

Vanity Fair Full Figure Wire Free Bra

This wireless full-figure bra is made of 4-way stretch fabric that shapes and smoothes bumps along the back and sides, with a band-shaped frame for extra support.

This sleep bra is made of elastic and comfortable fabric, without any hint of wires. Instead, they use removable padding, thick straps (double-knit material), and elastic central cups to lift and support. It comes in ten different color options, including solid black and bright shades. “I hate bras and found that most of them are restrictive and inappropriate,” a critic wrote. “I’m happy to find a bra that I don’t want to tear off after an hour-and-a-half.”

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Size 40DD Extremely comfortable and gives even my DD-E cup nice life and shape. I couldn’t be happier; bought one in black, too. Comfortable enough to sleep in, enough support and shape to wear out. Love, love, love.”

14 Perkisboby Seamless Nursing Sleep Bralette with Extenders, Clips

Perkisboby Seamless Nursing Sleep Bralette with Extenders Clips

Made of nylon and spandex, this nursing sleeping bra has a sporty look, perfect for moms who want to support a little more at night without having to change first thing in the morning. With it you, also get more coverage, like for when your in-laws show up. As an advantage, it includes a bra extender, as well as a clip that allows a quick transition to the shoulder strap.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Sleeping in them is comfy, everyday wear is like wearing nothing but you still get the support you need. They come padded which I think is super nice for “leakage”. All in all would highly recommend and buy again!”

15  Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Bralette

 Cosabella Never Say Never sleep bra Cosabella Never Say Never sleep bra

Every mom deserves Italian lace. Is there anything better? This lovely night nursing bra is as practical as it is beautiful. The easy-to-remove hook buttons and soft, yet stretchy lace make this a special sleep bra that any new mom can admire.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I sleep in a bra but never one as sexy as this. Never say never is comfy and supportive. It is the sexist sleep bra I have ever owned. My husband loves it too!”


shop sleep bras for large busts with the cheapest price

16. Amoena Women’s Ruth Cotton Wire-Free Bra

Amoena Women’s Ruth Cotton Wire-Free Bra

Mainly made of soft cotton with a little spandex, Amoena’s casual cotton sleep bra is a beautiful combination of cotton and comfort. If you’re looking for the softest sleeping bra for large breasts, this is one of the best picks. The wide straps and comfy back design stop all cuts, abrasions, and pain, while the front closure is ideal for not putting pressure on the back and those who have just undergone surgery.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “The pockets fit forms perfect looks good and just feels good on. Good day or sleep bra.”

17. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Bra is made of elastic nylon and elastane blend and wireless. This bra has a front hook-and-eye closure for easy access and no additional hassle. It also has an extra-wide shoulder strap that won’t go deep into your shoulders. It has several color options and comes in sizes 34 to 48.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned. Not only can you sleep in it but it stays in place as you change positions in bed. Wow! Finally, a bra that gives support during the day, looks good under your day clothes, but also is comfortable, not just when you lay down but ALL NIGHT LONG!”

18 Fruit of the Loom Women’s Comfort Front Close Sport Bra With Mesh Straps

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Comfort Front Close sleep bra

Coming with wide straps, soft cups, and adjustable buckles, this charming, extra-sized, comfortable bra has some of the highest ratings. It does not feel scratchy or itchy like any some other bras, but still has a naturally minimized shape without  causing pain. “That’s all, ladies,” one critic said. “Perfect fit, perfect support, no push, pinch, or have your own thoughts. I already ordered 3.”

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Some wireless bras are too tight, and some too loose with no hold at all. This one is JUST RIGHT. So comfy you could sleep in it, but protective enough to wear during the day.”

19 Lily of France Bras: 2-pack Dynamic Duo Wire-Free Bralette

Lily of France Bras: 2-pack Dynamic Duo Wire-Free Bralette

This seamless, elastic, and comfortable wireless bralette contains a removable pad shape and enhances your figure. A narrow elastic band adjustment on the back and elastic comprehension provides additional support, which makes it excellent as a sleep bra for large breasts.

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Why You Should Wear a Sleep Bra

in this chapter will see what doctor Hasner observe with his patients

In his 20 years of private practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Hasner has observed that his patients who slept in a bra had firmer and softer breasts, with fewer wrinkles than those who did not. But after looking at the traditional bra, he realized they did not provide the right support if the wearer was lying down. Sleep bras were a solution for those of us with large breasts.

Preventive Measures:

type of beast sleep bra

Cooper’s ligaments, connective tissue, and even the skin itself all work together to keep the position of the breasts. These tissues are like elastic bands: once they are stretched, nothing can be done — except surgery to tighten and lift the chest back to its original youthful appearance.

Therefore, the key to keeping the chest smooth is to avoid stretching and sagging first. That means you need a sleep bra for a large bust, to protect the tissue from grVITY pulling it down, not only from the position of the bed but also during lateral sleep.

Back sleep

Sleeping in the nude without bra

Sleeping in the nude means a woman with a C cup or larger will have her breasts falling outwards and sideways into her armpits. And wearing an ordinary bra is better than nothing, but stretching and twisting still happens.

Side sleep

women sleep side without bra

Sleeping in the nude means that the chest of a C cup or larger woman will sink and compress the bottom while holding deep wrinkles on the shoulders. While wearing an ordinary bra provides some support, the breasts will still stretch and turn, and the shoulders will still wrinkle.


Is it unhealthy to sleep in a bra?

The main issue with bras is that sometimes they are too tight and restrictblood flow or lymphatic drainage. Thus, the theory is that sleeping without a bra gives your breasts some time to relax. However, this issue is with bras in general, and as long as your sleep bra is comfortable and not constrictive, there are no issues.

Is it safe to sleep in a regular bra?

Though there are many conflicting answers on this, if you opt for a specific sleep bra, such as those reviewed above, there’s no reason why sleeping in a bra should not be safe. The problems arise when your sleep bra is a wire type as it not only makes it extremely uncomfortable on the skin, but it works to prevent the correct circulation in the breast and chest area.

Therefore, it is safer to wear a bra intended for sleeping in. This is because they have no underwires and are aimed at making your mind and body feel as if they aren’t really there while offering adequate, but gentle support throughout the night.

Q- Does sleeping with a bra prevents breast growth?

A- This question doesn’t have any value in favor of truth. The hormones of the body control the growth of the breast, not what a woman wears. So, the bra doesn’t enhance/inhibit breast growth.

Should I size up for a sleep bra?

This depends on the fit you want, but generally speaking, there is no need to size up. Most of the sleep bras have already taken into account that you want a comfortable, looser fit for sleeping or lounging around.

What fabrics do sleep bras come in?

Sleep bras are available in a variety of materials, from cotton to microfiber mixes with spandex or Lycra. Some are thicker if you want more support, while others are very thin and feel barely there. You’ll also find that they come in a variety of colors, patterns and looks to suit your style.

Can I sleep in a sports bra?

Once again, a sports bra is constructed to offer firm and additional support when exercising or being active during the day – but this makes it unsuitable for night-time and sleeping use. A sleep bra is a gentler choice of bras, deliberately designed to offer maximum comfort focusing more on gentle support overall. A specially designed sleep bra is preferable over a designated sports bra, as it is designed primarily with the activity of sleeping in mind! However, those bras that are sleep bras and suggest you can double up on using them as sports or yoga bras if you want to offer the much better choice here if it’s a predominately sleep bra you’re looking for.

Does Sleeping With a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

You can get breast cancer if you sleep with your bra or if you don’t sleep with your bra. Let’s make it simple. The causes of breast cancer are various, but factors such as bra use are unlikely to play a significant role. Other factors, such as family history, particularly inherited genes, such as age, obesity, hormonal factors, including early puberty and later menopause, are much more important.

It is preferable to wear a pure cotton bra for unwanted skin irritation. You are very health conscious, which is a positive sign. You can diminish the chances of catching cancer by taking a Vitamin B17 supplement with a strict diet plan & by eating 200g of citrus fruits daily.

Does a Sleeping Bra Prevent Sagging?

Breasts grow in response to the hormones estrogen and progesterone. As you enter puberty, the levels of these hormones increase. Hormone levels also change during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. The actual causes of saggy breasts include aging, collagen deficiency, estrogen deficiency, gravity, high body mass index, and larger breast size.

Wearing a properly fitted bra while sleeping means wearing the right bra at night, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle, and regular health check-ups all help postpone breast sag. But sooner or later, what was up will go down; this is true.

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best Sleep Bra

When looking for a perfect sleep bra, comfort should always be the first and most important consideration in your mind. Depending on what you feel most comfortable in will help you decide which sleep bra is the best for you. Make sure you consider these:

  • Size

First things first, always opt for the right size of sleep bra the way you shop your everyday bra. Get your band size and your bust size using a measuring tape and write your measurement down clearly. When getting your band size, be sure to measure it around your ribs right below your breasts. The tape measure should not be too tight or too loose around your body. This is to make sure that your blood circulation will not be at risk once you wear the bra.

When it comes to your bust size, measure it around your back up to the fullest point of your breasts. Contrary to measuring your band size, you shouldn’t pull the tape tightly. Make sure it’s wrapped straight through your back then towards your nipples to get the right size. Once you have your band and bust size, the difference between the two will determine your cup size.  

  • Lightweight and Wire-free

After surviving a busy day and wearing an underwire bra, freeing your breasts is one of the best feelings. But no matter how much you hate wearing underwire bras, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of a sleep bra. Your breasts can get all the support it needs all day long without being a sleep killer.

In this case, you can find a good sleep bra that is lightweight and wire-free. There’s no need to wear push up bras and any other underwired bras. The wire will only pinch your skin, which is the last thing you want while sleeping. Look for something lightweight where low impact sports bras can also fit.

You can also try bralettes, which are typically made from stretchable and cotton fabrics. Comfort bras are also great for sleeping since some are gartered with under strap support. Even a wire-free bra can give you enough support as long as it has a proper fit.

  • Softness

One of the things that make sleep bras unique from regular bras is their softness. Sleep bras are specially designed to be extra soft, so you can avoid any discomfort while in bed. If you can’t sleep without breast support, this is one of the things you should look into.

This is vital, especially if you have large breasts that need extra support whenever you sleep on your side. Regardless of your sleeping position, your bra should not be the cause of interrupted sleep. The softer it is, the better sleep and comfort you can enjoy at night.  

  • Chest Size

The size of your breasts can play a big role in the type of sleep bra you choose. Smaller breasts are easy to shop for. They don’t need much support and don’t typically slide out of bras or sweat that much. Larger breasts, on the other hand, need specific sleep bras.

Again, this will depend on your preferences and what you’re looking for in a comfortable bra. Larger breasted women should look for breathable material, bras that separate each breast and large comfortable straps.


When you’re looking for a night bra, comfort is the key, and the most important part of comfort is finding a bra that fits, supports, and covers. While many sleep bras are classified as sports or nursing bras, any bra that provides the comfort and functionality you’re looking for is your perfect sleeping bra

4 thoughts on “19 Comfy Sleep Bras for Every Cup Size & Body Type”

  1. The best for me are the bras I have from a brand called Cottonique! They’re made with 100% pure organic cotton and are hypoallergenic too. I can live in these bras every day, all day because they don’t have any metal, elastic, or wires on them. Super breathable too and stretchy. Definitely would recommend their bra line.

  2. Actually, a piece of clothing CAN change the shape of your body. Look at corsets as an example.

    If you observe cultures where they do not have bras, they also have sagging breasts in their 20’s.

    I often wear a bra to sleep and I do think it helps relieve some stress that is created and as crazy as it may sound to some I think it keeps them a bit more perky.

    An alternative would be to wear a sports bra to bed if that was more comfortable. I often did that but I now mostly wear a normal bra. What you need is one that fits right. Going to VS when they have a sale is a good option. If it is the right fit (assuming it doesn’-t have massive amounts of padding), it should not be too noticeable to you that you are wearing one.

    One thing it won’t change though is your breasts being uneven. That has to do with the distribution of fat cells.

  3. Large DD and always underwire and most nights I even wear a light sleeping bra for a bit of support. Thankful that breast cancer doesn’t run in my family, the thought of losing one or both scares me.

  4. I usually sleep in my bra like 90% of the time. I’ve never understood people who say they’re uncomfortable in them or need to whip them off as soon as they get home. I prefer mine on, it’s comfy and snug. I don’t have large breasts, full B or little C. Maybe that plays into it.

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