8 Best Sleep Bra For Large Bust that you’ll never want to take off

My bust was never very small. Actually, I explicitly recall being in the 4th grade and I had a real underwire bra. Perhaps my breasts have some benefits, but they really have many times been in my way from the start — particularly whenever I try to be comfortable when I go to bed.

Luckily, a few of the top comfy sleep bras are created to get rid of any kind of breast irritation you might have when you are going to sleep.

Plus there’s no concern for the large busted women — the top sleep bras are comfy and support you with no constriction or chafing.

Below are 8 best sleep bras for large busts.

1 Bali Comfort Revolution Easylite Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Easylite Sleep Bra

This one is a top choice on Amazon for a great reason. It is made via 61% nylon as well as 39% spandex. It is very soft, stretchy and super comfy no matter if you have small breasts or wear up to size 3x.

It is seamless and has no hardware, yet provides enough support so you can get a great night’s sleep.

Enthusiastic review: “I love this bra so much; the material keeps you cool and no rolling or shoulder straps falling down. I bought one to begin with, but will order 2 more. Wished I had found it long, long ago.”

2 Sloggi Women’s Zero Feel Bralette

Sloggi Women's Zero Feel Bralette

Then comes Sloggi sleep bra – this one is the Zero Feel Bralette. Different from their Go All Round bralette, it provides a bit of cup padding to give additional support. If your breasts are large and you are often not comfortable at night, try it out.

Enthusiastic review: “This is simply an amazing product. I bought it for sleeping but it’s so comfortable I have bought more so can wear them all the time. It looks nice too. Would never go back to a ‘normal’ bra now. Very impressed. Thank you!”


3.DELIMIRA Women’s Soft Cup Wire free Sleep Comfort Support Plus Size Bra

DELIMIRA Women’s Soft Cup Wire free Sleep Comfort Support Plus Size Bra

The DELIMIRA Women’s Soft Cup Wire free Sleep Comfort Support Plus Size Bra is our top sleep bra for full figured women and so, it’s an ideal pick whenever you need a top sleep bra and have a large bust.

It matches the regular bra cup sizes and the sizes go starting with 34B up to 48G. Plus it comes in 5 great colors. The straps are wider so it’s more comfy and supportive. Plus it come with a hook and eye closure you can adjust so it fits perfectly.

One more advantage it has is it allows you to pull it aside if you need to uncover your breast for nursing a baby at night. Totally no under wires so it is completely breathable, and its creators say it provides the ideal balance of all that’s needed with sleep bras. And it finishes with a lovely trim of lace along with a crossover design in the front. It’s definitely a more stylish as well as modest pick for a sleep bra.

Buyers of it adore its huge amount of comfort and the support it provides, and the fact it’s prettier than a lot of other sleep bras.

4 Hanes Women’s Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra

6 Hanes Women’s Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra

This bra pulls over your head and has a racerback style, without clasps or even wires. It’s stretchy and soft and ladies with big busts have given it rave reviews.

Main features:

  • Great support for larger busts
  • Terrific quality for its price
  • Comes in several colors and sizes


5 Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Busty Nursing Bra

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Sleep Bra

This bra does what it says in its name and truly is simply sublime. It’s made for ladies with breasts up to a 42 inch band and the I sized cup. It’s not a bigger form of regular bras. It is designed for ladies with large busts. It’s got more space as well as fabric in its cups.

Plus the straps are thicker and support better, as well as the material doesn’t stretch too much and therefore, it gives the exact amount of support women need despite no underwire. 

This nursing bra has some wonderful characteristics, to include color choices that are more neutral like black, grey or nude. Yes, there is not a white color, but nude colored bras are better when you wear them under a white blouse anyway. This bra also doesn’t fade and stays soft after many washings. 

It is made of 93 percent nylon and seven percent spandex so it breathes well, supports and is very flexible. It is ordered using a letter size, not a cup size.

It provides a hook and loop type of back closure, which allows it to fit well around the ribs. Although it doesn’t have wires, it has a wider band which supports the ribs yet doesn’t press too hard against them.

Moreover, breastfeeding will be simple since you can use one hand to pull down the cup. Plus the removeable pads make it discreet and give you great coverage as well as separate the breasts so it looks better and shapes them better. However, sometimes the padding gets bunched up, therefore some women prefer using their own pads for nursing.


6 Kindred Bravely Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

A top feature of this sleep bra is all you do is push aside the material if you want to nurse your baby. Moms love it if they are nursing or are pregnant, since it supports you no matter if your breasts are small or large as its material can accommodate bust size changes.

Plus for nursing moms, if your breasts tend to leak at night, the style keeps the breast pads from falling out so there is less of a chance of having soaked clothing when you wake up. And it is made of super soft French terry, which feels like a dream.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Extremely comfortable and soft material. It’s stretchy, but not that stiff elastic that most stretchy nursing bras are made of. I’m large chested, 36E (with implants) so I don’t need a lot of support. I’m 5’11, 39 weeks pregnant, with a slender build (145 lbs pre-pregnancy weight) & the XXL just barely fits over my chest to sit under where it should. There is adequate side coverage. Going to try their Busty size once I deliver and don’t have a belly. Thinking I will be able to size down one, and just add the busty.”

7 Sunzel Women’s Seamless Cotton Sleep Bra

Sunzel Women’s Cotton Seamless Sleep Bra

Sunzel presents a soft, comfy, supportive, and functional bra. It is sold in a three pack with the colors black, beige and grey. It comes in small up to #x in the sizes.

Main features:

  • Practical and comfy
  • Size are small to 3x
  • The cup pads can be removed

Enthusiastic review: “These bras are amazing. I am a 38c and the large fits me beyond perfectly!!! The cotton is so soft and comfortable. They could be served for many purposes, including a sleeping bra, low impact sports(walking, yoga..etc…), or even lounging around, staying at home. for a pack of two they are worth the price and more!!! I certainly recommend these”


8 CAKYE 3 Pack Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep

CAKYE 3 Pack Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep

This is a wireless and seamless bra many women use to do yoga. Comes in four sizes of small up to extra-large in a three-pack.  There are sixteen color options, for example, Black, Burgundy, and Nude; as well as Black, Burgundy, and Royal Blue; or Black, Deep Grey, and Nude; or Black, Gray, and Dark Grey.

It’s quite soft as well as completely breathable, therefore you can sleep while wearing it. Additionally, you can adjust the straps if needed. Considered a maternity or nursing bra, the Cakye 3 is made with 95 percent cotton as well as five percent spandex. That makes it comfy and healthy if you are breastfeeding.

You can wash it either in a washer or by hand. It stays super soft so it’s great to wear it during sleeping.  Plus it doesn’t have an underside nor any clasps or hooks, as well as there’s no pads so be aware it won’t hide the nipples.

But you can put some of your own nursing pads in the provided slot in the bra cups. This style is for women with fluctuating breast sizes, so it works well for pregnant and nursing moms.

Matters to Contemplate

Since you have now read these reviews, please browse through our buying guide. It gives you more details on the aforementioned benefits and features.

Sizes and how to properly measure them

Although a few sleep bras provide the opportunity to choose normal bra sizes, the majority size their bras via small to extra-large styles. That is due to them not being the same as daytime bras and they are meant to sleep in so you won’t be as constricted as you’d possibly expect from a daytime bra. Therefore, you should read each one’s instructions to make sure of your correct size as each designer may have their own way of measuring the proper size ranges.  

Considerations when choosing sleep bras

Styles of sleep bras

Traditional: For ladies who have medium to large busts, traditional sleeping bras are created to provide support without wires during sleep. They include a back closure, like a regular bra, yet do not have the same amount of support. A few have light padding. Choose a lightweight style if you want a sleep bra that is not padded.

Racerback: This is the best choice for women with large busts wanting better support than most sleep bras. This sort of style disperses the weight of the breasts better as well as helps to get rid of the discomfort some large busted women have with their shoulders neck and back. Usually there are not closures.

Molded: these are for women with medium to large busts, as a molded sleep bra’s cups support each breast individually as well as do a bit of shaping. They have no seams, therefore, no worries about something poking into you while you are sleeping.

Nursing/maternity:  Meant for pregnant and/or nursing moms, these kind of sleep bras are manufactured with stretchy fabric that is very forgiving and accommodates fluctuating breast sizes along with featuring simple access to nursing via a pull aside feature. It is made of soft material and doesn’t have any wires, like all sleep style bras.



The top fabric for sleeping bras are comfy and soft, as well as breathable. Therefore, a very popular choice is cotton, which is great if you have any skin sensitivity, especially if it is organic cotton.  Additional soft and smooth fabrics include Lycra and spandex mixes and microfiber. A few of the sleep bras are decorated with lace.


Most sleep bras are intended to be a pullover so they do not have fasteners or closures. The advantage of that is nothing pinches your skin at night. But one disadvantage is it may be hard to pull over the head, particularly for those women with mobility issues for whom fasteners are a better choice.


Common fasteners include hooks-and-eyes, which are what is on most regular bras. This type of closure may be offered on a few sleep bras, particularly if meant for women with large busts, and these make it easier to get the bra off and on. The easiest type of closure is one in the front, and those kind are also more comfy that the ones that close in the back.


A lot of sleep bras, particularly the bralette types, could additionally be worn in the daytime under loungewear and casual clothes. If you choose to do this, it’s recommended to get one with a wide elastic band on the bottom since those provide good support and everything stays in place.


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