Best CPAP Mask For Mouth Breathers

It can be hard to find a CPAP Mask if you’re a mouth breather which meets all your needs. One of the main reasons folks don’t comply with their prescribed CPAP treatment or they have a hard time doing so, is because of the mask they use. It is vital to pick a mask which is supportive of your precise requirements if you want a guarantee of success from your CPAP treatment.

This article rates several lifestyle considerations to help pick the top 5 CPAP masks for the mouth breathers. So, read on to find out which models are highlighted and see which one is best for your situation.

Speedy Assessment Of Top Eight Choices (For Folks Who Need Them Fast!)

ResMed AirFit F10 – This model is the best of the best with its Spring Air cushion to provide added comfort, as well as a design that’s lightweight, and a SoftEdge type of headgear which doesn’t cut into the skin.

ResMed AirFit F30 – This choice comes with a QuietAir elbow that lowers the noise level, as well as quick release clips and a one size fits all makeup. It’s very user friendly and comes in as the Top Value Choice.

ResMed AirTouch F20 – This top mask features a cushion made of memory foam to provide superior comfort, as well as more stable magnetic headgear clips and QuietAir vent technology. It comes in as the best CPAP mask for those mouth breathers who are also side sleepers.

DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear: This one is another masks that’s great for those who sleep on their sides.

ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask: This model is the tops for those who sleep on their stomachs.

Fisher & Paykel Simplus – If you have a beard, this mask is the one to pick! It’s also great for mouth breathers. If has a special air diffuser so it’s less noisy, as well as an auto-adjustable seal, and a small frame.

Editor’s Choice for Top Full Face CPAP Mask

1 ResMed AirFit F10

ResMed AirFit F10

This model has a lightweight design as well as a comfy double-wall Spring Air cushion, along with a quick-release elbow so you can disconnect the mask in one easy move.  The headgear straps are very slim, therefore they won’t cut into the face as you are sleeping or make you end up with red or irritated facial marks.  It comes in either a male or female version to provide a fit that’s more precise.

To keep the machine from being extremely noisy, its round and diffused venting is designed to prevent leaking air or trapped air. It has a design that’s user-friendly along with top notch construction are the reason the mask was chosen as the top rated mouth breather’s mask for 2022.

For an additional lightweight, heavily-reviewed, and well-trusted model such as this one –take a look at the number one top CPAP mask of the year too.


  • Permits clear line of sight
  • Simple to put together or take apart
  • Utilizes a rolled-edge material which is gentle to skin
  • Quiet CPAP air circulation


  • The superior lightweight design means it costs a bit more, but still it is quite worth the price!)

Top value – best nasal pillow mask.

2 ResMed AirFit F30

The ResMed AirFit F30

From the identical lineup as the AirFit F10, this model costs less and is available in a 1 size fits everyone style. It sits low on the face, covering less area than some of the additional full-face style masks and should not irritate the face so much.

With its magnetic clips, it can be taken off and put back on very easily and its QuietAir vent technology means it won’t keep you or a bed partner awake. It has superior characteristics and top notch quality.


  • Magnetic clips make it easier to take off or put back on
  • Less contact with the face
  • Has QuietAir vent technology so it is less noisy
  • Great for both back or side sleepers


  • Heavier than the number one rated mask, yet still comfortable

Top Side Sleeper CPAP Mask

3 ResMed AirTouch F20

ResMed AirTouch F20

Not every mask used for CPAP accommodates the side sleepers, however, ResMed AirTouch F20 will. It has a comfy memory foam cushion that additionally won’t put pressure on you if you move around at night a lot. So, we have chosen it as the top CPAP mask if you sleep on your side or are a mouth breather.

Remember their thirty day disposable cushion style means you have to get a new cushion once a month.

For additional top-notch choices such as this one precisely for side sleepers, look at the purchaser’s guide for the Best CPAP masks for the side sleepers.



  • QuietAir vent technology makes this mask quieter
  • Simple to clean it via wipes
  • Superior stability as well as not as much contact to the face


  • Costs more than some styles, yet very worth the price

4 DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear

Should you love to watch television or read at bedtime, this DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear is just the ticket. It highlights a distinctive design of frame which delivers a clear line of sight and gets rid of conventional bulk, so it is great if you sleep on the side or your stomach.

Via c hanging its tubes to be on the side, the manufacturer got rid of the conventional heavy headgear feel and  yet kept its secure seal—so it’s a perfect model if you move around a lot at night. They have additionally upgraded its headgear elements so the closures are magnetic so it is simpler to take off or put it on and not have to make a lot of adjustments. You can order it in a kit so you get all the sizes of cushions and can choose the one that fits best.


5 Philips Respironics Amara

Philips Respironics Amara

If you like hybrid masks better than full face styles, this one has a simple, lightweight makeup (precisely the same as a lot of the top rated CPAP masks for stomach sleepers). Besides its universal frame system, it ought to get rid of problem pressure issues as it has less facial contact.

Since it is as comfy as a mask with nasal pillows yet has the added support that full facial masks provide, it is rated at the top hybrid CPAP mask for mouth breathers.



  • Showcases a Quiet Exhalation style
  • Utilizes a universal frame system
  • No need to over-tighten its headgear


  • Feels less secure than some styles higher up on the ranking, yet some folks prefer this type of simple design)

Top Mask for stomach Sleepers:

6 ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask

If you sleep on your stomach, here’s a choice for you with superior comfort. ResMed F30i Full Face CPAP Mask delivers a sturdy cushion, that covers the mouth as well as provides a seal under the nose. Via getting rid of bulk that was near the mask front and choosing hose connection that goes on the top-of-the-head, it is designed for those who sleep on their stomach as well as those who are very active in their sleep so they have comfort and freedom all night and won’t have to worry about the hose tangling up.

Its lightweight frame is made of silicone so it gives a great seal yet is still comfy. Along with is super compact mask cushion, this model is famous for getting rid of skin irritation or red marks, as well as it doesn’t leak like other masks might. It additionally has quiet-vent technology, so it is great if you are a light sleeper. In place of allowing the air you exhale pour out of a vent, it sends the exhaled air upwards and away from you to get rid of noise.

  • The cushion is under your nose, so you can see better and have less irritation
  • Its quick-release elbow lets you connect and disconnect it easily, which is fantastic if you get up a lot at night
  • The gentle, universal headgear is quite comfortable and maintains the shape

The headgear is on the top of the head so you can move around better at night


Top CPAP mask for beard wearers

7 Fisher & Paykel Simplus

Not many masks take facial hair into consideration so they can seal properly.  But, this one employs a RollFit style of seal which ought to accommodate you no matter what kind of beard you have. So, we have labeled it a top mask for the mouth breathers who also have beards. The auto seal adjustment also ought to put less pressure on your nose bridge and its universal frame ought to be the right size for nearly all sizes of seals. Plus it can be taken off and on easily via the clips.



  • Its headgear lets  you move around as much as you needs
  • The frame has a 1 size-fits-all-seals design
  • Accommodates all kinds of facial hair
  • Should not put a lot of pressure on the nose bridge


  • Not a lightweight or comfy as some of the other highly rated cpap masks
  • Not so simple to clean it

Top Alternative Mask to the Full Face Style for the Mouth Breather:

8 Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask With Nasal Pillows and Headgear

Delivering a mix of innovation and comfort this Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask mixes great technology which brings you a universal CPAP interface. This mask is a precise mix of several technologies, intended to be a universal type of CPAP interface.

This Hybrid delivers comfort via getting rid of forehead and nose bridge pressure points. It has a chin strap built-in which supports your chin gently so it is more stable and fits better.

Purchasers’ Guide – Top Three Tips To Pursue Prior to Buying

Prior to purchasing a top cpap mask if you are a mouth breather, here’s a few tips to pursue so you area able to have a more peaceful, comforting, and unbroken night’s sleep:

#1- Know the various “kinds of CPAP masks used by mouth breathers” we endorse

Already, you have seen phrases such as “full face,” or “hybrid,” or “BiPAP.” All those signify certain types of mask styles, and it is vital to understand the way each one fits the face.

Full Face Masks

A full-face mask is particularly great if you are a mouth breather. They employ a heated humidity device or have a chin strap that keeps the mouth from opening. (3) As its title proposes, a full face mask covers the mouth, nose and most of the face so it fits more securely. That’s normally done via its special headgear, which varies in how comfy it is dependent on the model.

Hybrid Masks

A few sleepers might consider a full face mask as too cumbersome, so a hybrid one may work better. Hybrids are a mix of a full face style and conventional nasal pillows. These types still have a chin strap and cover the mouth, as well as cover the nasal opening yet not the whole nose.


Do you have a BiPAP machine in place of a CPAP machine? IF so, you likely wish to get a special BiPAP mask as well. These type of CPAP masks many times appear to look like a full face mask, but have a cushion which envelops the nose and the mouth. For mouth breathers, there is an extra chin flap to help them at night.

#2 Know the position you sleep in

Despite the fact  you may have an effective CPAP mask, the position you sleep in may affect the way your mask feels while you sleep. For example, a side sleeper may need a more flexible style so it won’t leak as they move around. If you sleep on the back, you don’t want a mask with any sort of attachment on the back that will impact your head.

Tummy sleepers, if they are also mouth breathers, might have a problem getting the correct style of mask, and ought to consider those that make little facial contact. That way there is less chance of red facial marks or irritation.

#3 Get Your Top Deal

The final step to get the best mask is to consider all the above factors, to include the kind of mask you prefer, the position you sleep and lastly, what it costs. As for cost, be sure to find out if the website offers shipping for free or if there are deals or coupons you can use as well as the kind of warranty provided.

By carefully considering all these facts prior to buying a mask, learning the way to sleep while wearing a CPAP mask will probably get easier!

Advantages of a Full Face CPAP Mask for a Mouth Breather

A full face mask is bigger than the nasal pillows or nasal masks; though, a lot of folks think they are more comfy since they let them breathe via their mouth yet don’t lower the delivery of pressure. That is additionally the reason folks needing a higher pressure setting get the best results using a full face mask. Below is a list of more advantages to full face masks:

  • Best for a high-pressure setting more than 17cm H2 since it works for a bigger area 
  • Lets CPAP wearers sleep on their backs comfortably
  • Offers relief and does not strain your nasal passages when it is cold
  • Delivers a secure seal no matter if your jaw drops as  you sleep
  • Whenever combined with a heated humidifier, a full face mask can avert dry mouth as well as ensure your nasal passages stay moist overnight
  • A Full face mask causes less irritation in the nasal passages because it provides air to your mouth and nose
  • To make sure there’s a great seal, a full face mask has supportive parts that fit on the forehead and cheeks 
  •  Presents a secure as well as comfy seal if you have a deviated nasal septum or you have soft palate that has a high arch

Full Face Mask Challenges

Like additional masks, there are a few fundamental challenges when you use full-face masks for treating CPAP such as:

  • Do not work very good if you have facial hair. Here are some masks which are good if you have facial hair.
  • Aren’t perfect if your CPAP prescription has a low pressure setting because they don’t work well for non-high pressure settings due to the manner in which the air gets delivered.
  • May cause air swallowing
  • May cause aspiration

Tackling those challenges could be as simple as buying a different brand, size or style so it fits more securely and comfortably. 

Can a Mouth Breather Employ Nasal Pillows or a Nasal Mask?

Possibly. Whilst they cannot employ nasal pillows or a nasal mask by itself, it may be combined with chin straps or something like Somnifix which assists in keeping the person’s mouth shut as they sleep. 

Mouth breathers who employ nasal masks or use nasal pillow masks might end up not getting the best CPAP treatment. Most air inhaled is via their mouth, so they don’t get the right amount of CPAP pressure. Also, there‘s not any pressure to assist in sustaining an open airway whenever they exhale. So, whenever applied by themselves, nasal as well as nasal pillow masks aren’t effective if you are a nighttime mouth breather.

As suggested before in this article, we propose mouth breathers use full face masks. Otherwise, CPAP wearers discovered they also get effective treatment with hybrid masks. 

So, now you are finished reading about our proposals, so do you have any of your own? What mask do you like the best? Tell us in the comment section below!


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