7 CPAP mask for side and stomach & back sleepers 2022

Do not get upset believing you won’t be able to determine which CPAP mask is best for you! I am going to assist you in picking the one you should use no if you sleep on your back, stomach or side. There are CPAP mask styles for all of these sleeping styles.

Discover the best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers

Discovering which CPAP mask is best if you sleep on your stomach can be difficult. Actually, merely sixteen percent of people in the US sleep this way. That fact probably means you have tried several types of CPAP masks and haven’t had a good outcome.

However, from the 1000s of different options for CPAP masks available, we will present 7 styles particularly meant for abdominal sleepers in 2021. So, if you are sick of being uncomfortable while trying to sleep on your stomach while using a CPAP machine, begin trying the following 3 best choices to see if one works for you.

1 ResMed AirFit P30i – Tops for the Active Sleeper

ResMed AirFit P30i

A ResMed AirFit P30i mask can be used with either nasal cushions or pillows as needed. That’s a great characteristic for people who use a CPAP machine and haven’t been able to find the mask that works best for them.

It’s simple to change out the attachments and it is equally easy to adjust it so it fits you comfortably as well as securely. You just put on the mask and headwear, adjust its flexible and contourable frame, and then have a peaceful night of sleep.

A rotating elbow on this ResMed AirFit P30i mask lets tummy sleepers enjoy a complete scale of movement, as well, thus it’s a perfect choice for an active sleeper. Its tubing utilizes an open-face composition, a valuable characteristic for wearers wanting to watch television, read a book, or have to wear glasses when they wake up.


  • You are able to pick some nasal pillows or chose cushions based on your level of comfort.
  • The one-size fits all type of headgear can be adjusted nearly infinitely so it fits any face.
  • The spinning connector gives you a complete movement range.
  • Its tubing sits on the side of the face instead of on the forehead or nose.


  • The mask works best if you use soft nasal pillows, therefore, you might have to change the ones you are using.

2 ResMed AirFit N30 – Superb for Those With Delicate Skin

ResMed AirFit N30

If full face masks make your skin break out, or those with complicated tubing also does it, this ResMed AirFit N30 could be the answer to your problem. It has a nominal design that lies under the nose, as well as since it doesn’t have any parts made of hard plastic, it remains gentle on the face.

Its soft construction shows the that rest alongside the nose as just as soft as can be.  So if you’ve got skin that is sensitive, then this is fantastic.

An additional valuable feature is that the headgear isn’t complicated. If your scalp is sensitive or you’re concerned about it getting caught in your hair, this mask will help you avoid those things. Altering this mask is easy since it has a straightforward headgear, plus its design that allows it to go over your nose makes it fast to put together.


  • Exceedingly minimal shape which will not irritate the face.
  • Stops red marks, irritation and pain on the bridge of the nose
  • Almost totally silent with no extra noise from wind. (Then again, it is possible to lower the noise from your CPAP machine by following some of our tips in other articles.
  • Lots of padding to shield your sensitive skin.
  • Simple to adjust headgear that seems like it is barely there.


  • Stronger CPAP machine pressure settings will cause issues with the fit and comfort of this mask.

3 Top CPAP Mask for an Active Sleeper – ResMed Airfit N30i

ResMed Airfit N30i

If you’re the kind of sleeper who tosses and turns or enjoy tummy sleeping, this mask is the answer to your problem.

It comes with a tube connector on the top of the head which rotates completely 360 degrees, which means there’s no concern about it getting you all tangled up in it. Air travels throughout its hollow body, therefore, if your pillow squishes one of the sides the flow of air merely is rerouted via the mask’s other side.

What’s the top thing about it? You can snuggle again! This N30i ensures the tube stays out of your way while it sends the air you exhale out of the way of your bed partner. Which means you can cuddle without bothering them.

Tops For: Snugglers, the active sleepers, people who wear glasses, people who like to watch TV


  • Fast-releasing elbow that lets you get out of your bed with no need to refit the mask every time.
  • The springFit frame alters with ease so it stays securely on any type of face.
  • It has a hollow frame, and its tube connector sits on the top of your head and can be adjusted.

Find the Best CPAP masks for side sleepers

Sleeping on the side is an example of a top positions for treating sleep apnea, as it inhibits gravity from affecting the airway as it does when you sleep on the tummy or back. Regrettably, people who sleep on their sides at times cannot find the correct type of CPAP mask.

The nasal pillow style masks are a great choice for the side sleepers if they can stand them, because they have a low profile that sits higher up than the actual pillow. (A few folks who sleep on their sides actually put their face alongside their pillow, however, a nasal pillow mask normally maintain a seal during this.)

A nasal mask, that covers all or a section of your nose, is an additional choice which can work for a lot of people who sleep on their sides. The top styles are the ones that have a great seal, along with having headgear that is soft and can be adjusted. These characteristics assist in preventing leaking air, however, if you sleep on your side you might still have to buy a pillow meant for CPAP users that can hold up to a nasal mask’s bulk. Here are a few type of CPAP masks side sleepers will enjoy made precisely for them.


ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

This ResMed AirFit P10 is rated number one as the top 2021 CPAP mask for those who sleep on their sides since it fulfills the top 3 requirements: easy to use, comfy and the fit can be customized. Also, we chose it due to it being lightweight, as that is a characteristic many people want and one we often see in a list of top reviews.

Also, it is quite simple to adjust, and as a lot of others, there are versions for both men and women. Different sizes as well as designs mean all users will be comfy when they wear it. Plus, users get all the benefits of wearing a CPAP mask and do not wake up having a marked up face. One more fantastic characteristic is its maneuvering exhaust port, that assists in directing the output of air away from bed partners while you sleep. The secure seal also assists in preventing leaky air, which is great to make sure you have a restful night caused by leaky air.

Tops For Use By: Active sleepers, people who wear glasses, people whose skin is sensitive

Feature Focuses:

  • Weight is merely 1.6 ounces.
  • The QuietAir vents diminish the sound as well as push the air flow from the face.
  • The split-strap headgear ensures the mask stays secure, although there is merely three contact points touching the face.


  • There’s additionally cheaper choices available, although they don’t has as many performance elements.


  • This mask retains a secure seal, plus stops leaking air.
  • A maneuvering exhaust port also slows down CPAP noise from happening when you exhale and inhale so it is quieter..
  • It is also extremely lightweight to the point you can barely feel it.
  • A variety of sizing choices as well as men and women’s styles ensure you get the correct fit.

2 The ResMed AirFit N20 Nasal Mask

The ResMed AirFit N20

This ResMed AirFit F20 Nasal Mask is intended to assist patient’s movement as well as it fits several kinds of users. Its InfinitySeal silicone cushion enhances comfort as well as the fit whilst lowering leakage via adjusting to the face’s unique features. Its headgear is plush and soft and plush and the magnetic clips make it simple to take off. It has a versatile frame so your seal stays good even if you move around a lot at night. Plus you have a clear-cut area of vision if you choose to watch television or read while in your bed.

Find the top cpap mask if you sleep on your back

If users like to sleep on their back, they have the advantage of being able to tolerate a lot of kinds of masks more so than other users. Think about getting a mask which isn’t hard to either put on your face of take it off as needed. Don’t forget if you’ve got sleep apnea you must use a mask and CPAP machine merely if you are planning on going to sleep. This mask is so comfy you might otherwise forget you have it on.

What’s the top mask for people who sleep on their backs?

ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face Mask

The ResMed AirFit F30

The ResMed AirFit F30 Full Face Mask is constructed to rest on your face, so less of it covers your face. That means there are fewer red marks that appear on your nose. Plus you can even wear your glasses with it on, so you have clearer vison and it lessens the ambient noise in your bedroom. There is a magnetic clip which makes it fast and simple to get off or put back on. It has a one size that fits all tiara so it can be customized for an exact fit.

Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask

The Fisher and Paykel’s Simplus is ideal for those who sleep on their backs! It only has 3 sections, so it’s simple to use, extremely quiet, as well as it is so easy to clean or replace any broken parts. Showcasing ErgoForm headgear, it has both stretch and non-stretchy panels to deliver structure as well as support. Its breathable headgear is situated high on to the back of the head so there’s full head movement without knocking off the mask. Its 1-piece seal moves to and fro on the nose bridge and auto-corrects to reduce pressure on the nose’s bridge. It has a stable, low-profile frame, is strong, small plus delivers a very clear line of sight. It has a one size all fit with a clip that makes it easy to put it together or take it apart, as well as an enhanced air diffuser which lessens draft and noise.

Discover the best CPAP mask for Mouth Breathers


Things to contemplate whenever you buy a CPAP Mask

Striding through 100s of models of CPAP masks may seem hard, particularly if you have not ever bought one before. Don’t forget to think about each one of the following points based on your own distinctive needs, to include how you sleep, comfort likings, as well as the type of CPAP therapy prescription your doctor gave you.

Physician’s Recommendations

The top vital consideration whenever you pick your CPAP mask is to listen to your physician’s recommendations. Doctors prescribe a unique pressure to treat your sleep apnea. This dictates the kind of mask that can be used. Your physician additionally has a professional’s understanding of the pros and cons of the various styles of masks as well as the type best for your situation.

Mask Kind

CPAP masks are available in several unique styles to include full-face, nasal pillows or cushions, and regular nasal masks. There is not one kind of mask which can work for all. Each type has pros and cons dependent on the pressure prescription, style of sleeping, and how you breathe. Discuss with your physician how you like to sleep, if you are a mouth or nose breather, and your sleep apnea treatment plan so you can get the correct mask for your situation.

Compatibility of the Machine

Usually, most of the available CPAP masks are created to have a universal fit compatible with every CPAP machine. There’s a few exceptions to that rule, but not many. Be aware some types of connection gear used to hook the mask up to a CPAP machine is specific to a particular mask. But, CPAP masks usually come outfitted with specifically fitted adapters along with a short tube which can be used with regular CPAP tubing.

Fit and Sizing

All CPAP masks are available in varied sizes so it’s possible to get one that fits your face and head. If you don’t fit it properly to your face and head, it might not deliver the proper seal and your CPAP machine won’t seal properly or work right. Furthermore, with a bad fit you will suffer pain and discomfort as you sleep. Masks are usually obtainable in sizes of small, medium, and large. A few brands additionally have masks meant for women that provide a wider range of choices so they fit more kinds of faces.

Comfort Level

You will wear these masks between seven and nine hours at night on average, so you want them to be comfy. To be comfy it will be made of top notch material, fit well, and be the correct size to match the position you sleep in. Do not fear trying out several sizes and styles.


CPAP headgear lets the user adjust how their mask fits and ensure it stays put while they are sleeping. It ensures the mask generates an airtight seal as well as gives you the best treatment for your sleep apnea. The majority of CPAP masks have headgear constructed via soft and, elastic material which wraps around the back of the head. Though, the strap size and shape differs dependent on the manufacturer as well as how it can be adjusted.


The mask’s materials have a precise effect on how comfy or durable it will be. The usual CPAP mask configuration means its created using hard plastic as well as a cushion to seal it made of soft silicone. Silicone is a superb option for adaptable comfort. Though, if you are allergic to it, you can additionally get a mask made using cloth, foam, gel, or even cushions that are inflatable.


CPAP masks are considered as a product that gets a high amount of use. Plus it is closely in contact with your skin. With frequent usage, the components might stretch out as well as its seal may wear out. It is recommended to replace the CPAP mask each three to six months. Nevertheless, in order to get the best from a mask, look for types made using top notch materials. Reviews from customers are additionally a great way for getting first-hand info regarding the product’s long range endurance.


Weak seals may produce leaking air around the edges of the CPAP mask, so the wearer won’t get the correct pressure prescription while sleeping. The mask fit along with the style also is a factor in the seal.  Seek out styles offering the ability to adjust it so you can ensure you get the best possible deal.

Line of View

 A few mask styles of masks restrict the wearer’s line of site, so it is hard to watch television or read at night. That is particularly the case with full face as well as nasal CPAP masks plus those having unwieldy forehead straps. Look for masks with nasal pillows or a low profile if you like doing things like reading or watching TV before bed.

Location of Tubing

Dependent on the type of CPAP mask picked, the tubing connecting the mask to the CPAP machine could hook up to the top of the head or right by your nose. If the first type, these are usually low profile masks and use nasal pillows which are great if you are an active sleeper.

Allergies and Colds

If you have a lot of colds or allergies, a nasal mask isn’t the best choice. Think about picking full face masks or oral masks, especially if you often have blocked nasal passages so you cannot breathe via your nose when you are asleep.

Sleeping Posture

When selecting the top CPAP mask for your situation, it’s vital to contemplate your favored sleeping position. That helps in figuring out the type of CPAP mask chosen. Full face masks have a tendency to be the best for people who are back sleepers who move less frequently. Side or stomach sleepers should choose nasal or nasal pillow kind of masks and if you move around a lot you should bet nasal pillow style masks.


Price is a big consideration if your insurance doesn’t cover buying CPAP masks.  Call your insurance carrier if you want to know what it covers. Don’t forget the price does not always compare entirely to a mask’s comfort or quality. Durable and comfy CPAP masks are available in many different price ranges.


A producer’s guarantee given as a warranty normally defends against defects in the product’s materials or the craftsmanship of the CPAP mask. That should provide you peace of mind so that if anything happens to the mask, the warranty protects you.

How much does a CPAP mask cost?

A CPAP mask usually costs in between fifty to two hundred bucks dependent on the type and its quality.  Some health insurance plans might cover this and you should contact your carrier to see if they pay for CPAP masks.

Ways to purchase CPAP masks?

You can buy a CPAP mask online, although you still require a doctor’s prescription for CPAP gear. Plus your physician might even recommend a specific supplier or you might find a few types at a nearby pharmacy. Though, if you would like the most choices, it is best to look online for CPAP gear. You will have to upload the prescription from your doctor to the online site you buy it from.

How are CPAP masks cleaned?

You should clean CPAP masks every week via a mild detergent and warm water so it stays sanitary and functions correctly. To clean it thoroughly:

  • Take the mask apart. Dependent on the kind of mask, usually the tubing comes apart from the mask itself.
  • Fill the sink with some warm water along with several drops of some kind of mild detergent.
  • Immerse the mask’s cushion, tubing, as well as the headgear into this warm soapy water, then swish it around for five minutes with your hands.
  • Rinse all these parts properly with fresh clean water, then pat them dry using a towel, then hang up all the parts so they can dry.

Be certain everything is totally dry before you put it all back together and hook it all back to the CPAP machine. Another way to do a fast daily cleanup is to wipe the mask down in the places it touches your skin via the use of a washcloth and some warm, soapy water.

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  2. The Nasal Pillow Mask featuring DreamWear Gel. Used it 3 years now. Very comfortable cpap masks for stomach sleepers, no leaks, simple design, easy to clean. Perfect for a side sleeper. I’ll change only if they stop making it.

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