Dentek Dental Guard Reviews: Top 5 Choices

Dentek is a company which provides oral care products for a variety of needs. One type of product available from Dentek is their line of dental guards to help prevent teeth grinding at night. Here we have compiled Dentek dental guard reviews to help you choose the best dental guard for your needs.

What causes nighttime teeth grinding?

There are many reasons people might grind their teeth at night. Stress, certain medications, misaligned teeth, and sinus pressure are some of the most common ones.

Teeth grinding might be a temporary problem, or it may be something you need to deal with long term. Whatever the reason, if you suspect you grind your teeth at night, you should consider a dental guard to help prevent problems.

Why is grinding your teeth at night a problem?

Grinding your teeth at night can cause many different oral health issues over time. Loosening or cracked teeth, gum sensitivity, damaged jaw muscles and bones, and even changes to your facial shape can be a result of teeth grinding.

If you have severe or frequent symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, or any type of oral pain, talk to your dentist right away. If you are looking to help ease the effects of teeth grinding over time, it is also a good idea to get a dental guard to wear at night.

How does a dental guard help?

A dental guard provides a cushion between your teeth in order to prevent their grinding against each other. It can also ease some of the pressure your jaw experiences by diffusing the pressure throughout your mouth. Dental guards are usually made of soft, flexible material, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your unique needs.

Although dental guards do not prevent you from clenching your jaw while you sleep, when used regularly, they are an effective and inexpensive way to prevent some of the more serious damage that griding your teeth at night can cause.

Which Dentek dental guard is right for me?

Dentek Fresh Protect Disposable Dental Guards

Dentek Fresh Protect Disposable Dental Guards

These disposable dental guards are made of soft, but durable material. Because they are disposable, you will not have the concern of bacteria build up that you might have with a reusable dental guard.

They come in a case to make them easy to bring with you on trips or keep by your bedside for easy access. They are one size fits all and extra thin, making them a comfortable choice for most adults.

Dentek Ultimate Dental Guard

Dentek Ultimate Dental Guard

This reusable dental guard is moldable to provide a custom fit for your teeth. With the included tray, you can simply dip the dental guard into hot water and bite down on the softened material until it has molded to your teeth.

This dental guard provides coverage for your back teeth while keeping your airway open and allowing you to drink water while wearing it by resting behind your top teeth, instead of covering them.

Dentek Professional Fit Dental Guard

Dentek Professional Fit Dental Guard

This dental guard is also moldable for a custom fit, and has two layers for extra comfort and durability. The top layer is soft while the bottom layer is more firm to provide extra strong protection during the night.

This option does cover all of your teeth and will need to be cleaned regularly as it is reusable. It comes with an antimicrobial storage case to keep it safe between uses.

Dentek Comfort Fit Dental Guard

DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard Kit

These dental guards are ready to wear without molding, and only have bite pads for your molars, not your entire mouth. The design is light and slim, while providing protection for up to six months before it will need to be replaced.

The molar pads are able to be adjusted, making this a one size fits all option. An antimicrobial case will help keep this dental guard clean during the day as well.

Dentek Platinum Ultimate Comfort Dental Guard

Dentek Platinum Ultimate Comfort Dental Guard

This dental guard has a slim design and cushioned, flexible bite guards. It is adjustable and fits most adult mouths without a problem.

It is gentle on gums with its shape and fit, and is another option that allows for air flow and drinking water by sitting behind the front teeth.

No matter what dental guard you choose to help prevent damage due to teeth grinding, make sure to see your dentist regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Finding out the reason why you grind your teeth may also help you determine if you need disposable dental guards for occasional use, or something more durable for regular, extended use.

With all of the available options for Dentek dental guards, you are sure to find a dental guard that is right for you!

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