do I have insomnia? causes and treatment [Quiz]

do I have insomnia?

This quiz focuses on Insomnia.

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Have you ever ask yourself,”do I have insomnia?” Then go for insomnia test or insomnia quiz. There are some insomnia test online for you to diagnose yourself but before you do that, here are some of the causes why you have trouble falling asleep .

A) Your job- I guess that you are very good at your

profession and do your utmost best to satisfy your clients, but in most cases, your clients may bring up an issue that is quite complicated and frankly, you would want to help out. Maybe the more you try, the more difficult it becomes. At a point you become despair yet you have this feeling that you have something to offer to make the problem history.

B) Depression- This one is very sensitive and needs to be

handled as such. As a young adult looking forward to seeing a very resplendent future in your educational pursuit. Perhaps, you are a medical student who knows the nitty-gritty of your scope but surprisingly, you fail your professional examinations whereas others whom you have helped passed with flying colors. It becomes shameful to realize that you of all people could fail exams. It could also be that you broke up with your lover. As a matter of fact, you have tried everything humanly possible to keep this relationship rolling but unknown to you, your lover has different agenda of leaving you for another person. It is a
painful experience which affects our whole being. In most cases, you can’t stay for a moment without calling his/her name to mind. It becomes very difficult to forget the shared moments of joy and happiness. Another scenario is the loss of dear one. It can traumatize us and make us sleepless at nights for days if not weeks and months.

C) Illness

Until you had gone to hospital, you may never understand that some sickness can keep you awake all night. When my friend suffered asthmatic attack, hmmm… It was terrible, especially during rainy seasons. He would just sit to watch others. Sometimes I had to stay awake to keep him company. With every minute past, we expected an attack. Most cancer patients at the last stage of cancer ie metastasis suffer excruciating pain that does not allow them to rest even for an hour.

D) Lifestyle

Have you heard this phrase before,”You are what you do “. As simple as it looks or sounds, it is very true. Some
people work even into nightfall. For students, do you observe that even after a week of writing that promotional exam, you still unconsciously keep that timetable of staying awake at night? Even while you force yourself to sleep.O there do not have specific time for rest. At a point, their circadian rhythm (biological clock) gets confused and may not be able to differentiate day from night.

E) Medications and alcohol

Most drugs that you take disrupt your daily biological activity and cause you to be awake throughout the night. Also, alcohol causes insomnia by stimulating neurotransmitters. With all these enumerations, do you have insomnia? If it looks like then below are some self-help solutions.


With all these (problems) known, solutions should be proffered to mitigate the inimical effect of insomnia

A) Time management treatment

Always remember that you are obliged to sleep at least seven hours daily. No matter how much you love your job, you can never
be at your best if you do not rest to get rejuvenated. Sleep refreshes our mental part and helps it to function maximally. Treat yourself with utmost respect that you deserve. Give yourself time to rest daily.

B) Seek medical help when you are depressed.

It goes a long way to helping matters. Be open especially when you are in need. Do not die in Tell your friend how you feel,it has a way of relieving us of our burden

C) Consider participating in cognitive therapy.

cognitive – Help some insomnia patients identify and correct inappropriate thoughts and beliefs that can cause insomnia. In addition, we can provide you with adequate information about sleep norms, changes related to sleep age, and help set reasonable sleep goals, including therapy cognitive other things treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy vs pill

Sleep medications can be an effective short-term treatment, for example, they can provide immediate relief during periods of high pressure or anxiety. Some more recent sleeping medications have been approved for longer use. But they may not be the best treatment for long-term insomnia.
cognitive Behavioral therapy insomnia may be a good treatment option if you have long-term sleep problems or chronic insomnia and you are worried about becoming dependent on sleep drugs or if the drug is ineffective or causes problematic side effects.

Unlike pills, CBT addresses the root cause of insomnia, not only relieves symptoms. But it takes time and energy for it to work. In some cases, the combination of sleep medications with CBT-I may be the best method.

Who can benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy insomnia?

cognitive behavior therapy sleepiness can benefit almost anyone with sleep problems. CBT-I can help people with primary insomnia, as well as people with physical problems such as chronic pain, or mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. That CBT-I has negative side effects.
CBT-i requires stable exercises, some methods can cause you to lose sleep in the first place. But stay away from him, you may see lasting results

C) Palliative care is very important to in healthcare

Analgesic products should be made available for patients whose situations
can only be managed. You can also become a companion to such a patient. It
gives a feeling of hope and faith to the patient.

D) The availability of over the counter drugs should be made

difficult or impossible if need be. If you are a drug addict, consult a medical officer or psychologist to help you.

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