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Sleep apnea Test: Do I Have Sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea causes and solutions

Causes Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder whereby someone jerks and wakes up temporarily due to breathing interruption. This one does not have age limit. Even children suffer it. I remember days that my mum would beat you if you jerks on the bed.

You know it is very frightening when you sleep with this kind of person. Most time times you may think that he/she was having a nightmare. No, it is a medical disorder which can be resolved if much care is taken. Before then I will like you to
know the causes of this disorder.

A) Male-Urgh.. just because I am a man. Yes, looking at the anatomy of man with special attention to the thoracic region, there is Adam’s apple. It only indicates that you are susceptible

B) Overweight

Being overweighed or obese is never a good thing except if you are made to terrify your contemporaries. Once you are overweighed, there are lot fatty tissues here and there clogging the spaces for air. Imagine how struggling it is for you as obese people to breath during the day, then compare it to when you are asleep. My dear, it is not going to be easy

C) Over 40 years

 Many things happen after 40 ranging from menopause to increased in prostate-specific antigens. Sleep apnea is also included in the list. At 40, many physiological processes are slowed down. The rate at which the body releases enzymes decreases and beta-oxidation is slowed down, therefore, most fatty tissues are forced to be in the body. This can cause
obstruction in the airway

D) Genetics-Large neck, large tonsils, large tongue, large adenoids, small jaw, family history, and nasal obstruction are classified as genetic inheritance. it is not the fault of the person involved. If you are such a person, you can manage it anyways with the following solutions


A) Exercises

If you are obese or overweight, exercising constantly can be of help. It will help you to get rid of those flabby tissues and tone
them to correspond to nature’s requirements.

B) Dieting

Are you afraid of what to eat the to your increasing body size, turn to become a vegetarian, you will never regret it? You know my lipid lecturer told me that man is more of a herbivore than carnivore. There are other herbal medicines throughout the world that can help one lean easily.

C) Use of mechanical devices

some devices like Continuous positive airflow pressure(CPAP), dental devices like mandibular repositioning devices and tongue retaining device. One important device which is quite new to the market is sleep apnea implant. This is a pacemaker that stimulates muscles to keep the airway open thereby stopping obstruction.

D) Surgery

This is done when other techniques proved It is mostly removal of adenoids and tonsils, a term called adenotonsillectomy. It is most effective and quite affordable.

Narcolepsy Test: Do I Have Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy causes and solutions

The cause of narcolepsy otherwise called sleep-awake cycle disorder is not known although many researchers has attributed it to the loss of hypocretin seen in the hypothalamus of the brain. Others said that it is the loss of orexin-A.
The important thing is that the patient sleeps even in the middle of very historic meeting.

Most times people mistake tiredness for narcolepsy. You might have asked yourself if you were suffering from it just take “do I have narcolepsy quiz” or narcolepsy test online. Presently, there is no cure to this but with special medications and directions, it can be managed. It is good if you also have a good sleeping habit like sleeping in a comfortable couch, switching off the light before climbing the bed, avoiding phones maybe two hours to bedtime and having six to eight hours sleeping time.

restless leg syndrome Test: Do I Have RLS?

Nocturnal Myoclonus or restless leg syndrome cause and solution

You know when you have this kind of bed partner that kicks while asleep. I once experienced that and I thought he would be a big kung-fu master. Unknown to me, the guy was experiencing periodic limb movement

One of the things that cause this neurological disorders. Here, the brain-spinal cord stream is not coordinating the limbs as it should. The limbs jerk every twenty to forty seconds. Although the patient does not observe this, it is the partner that does. Many things can cause this disorder and they include; diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, kidney disease, mental health problems, respiratory problems, thyroid disease.


The patient is diagnosed using polysomnography test. This is a mechanical device that reads the wave produced by the brain in response to the movement of the limbs. With this test, the medical practitioner directs how the disorder will be remediated.

Finally, it is advisable to write “do I have a sleeping disorder quiz” periodically. Your health matters and it starts with your ability to rest and sleep normally.

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