Get your 4-month old to sleep | No Effort Required

It must be a baby sleep regression. It is probably keeping you up at night. You may be googling and wondering what happened – “4 month sleep regression” “baby isn’t sleeping anymore”, any and every keyword combination to figure out what it is…

wake up mom

You were the lucky one.

The one who could tote around your newborn baby with ease.  Your baby didn’t have that fussy spell that your friends talked about. Sure you had a night feed or two, but that’s OK.  It’s a NEWBORN baby.

Now you don’t feel so lucky…

Your baby is getting up a lot.  Every 2 hours, sometimes every hour.  And, what’s up, with the fussiness and crankiness and fighting his naps!?

Regression or rough night?

All you have to do is take a quick 30 second test and answer a few questions. After the quiz is done you'll know if your baby Going Through A Sleep Regression Or Having or rough night and what to do about it.

Please pay attention to this now 

Simply what’s happening is your baby is maturing and they’re growing up which is good

So, here’s what I want you to understand

Newborn sleep cycles and baby sleep cycles completely different things

Newborn have tow 2 sleep cycles deep that they rotate in and out of non-deep rem no-rem that’s all 

Once we get to 4 month sleep time around that 16 week from due date Your child now develops fully mature sleep cycles just like you and I

So, they go from having just two sleep cycles to more complex sleep cycles that go in out of stages while they sleep

So that’ really why this is happening They are no longer newborn so 0 to 3 month old things change right about the 4 mouth mark

So what can do about it

I’m about to show you a Free system that will:

  • Get your 4 month old to sleeping through the night AND taking long, restful naps during the day.
  • Stop the Bedtime Battle and regain sleep for everyone to be at their best.
  • The one thing that has helped me regained my confidence as a mother of twins
  • it as simple as brush your teeth