3 Best Ways To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

When attempting to raise an air mattress off the ground and into a more accessible position, there are many different options to consider. The first of these is where your desired location is going to be. This could be a bedroom, a living room, on top of an existing bed frame or a plethora of other potential situations. Once you have decided which location is going to be the best fit for your risen air mattress, it is time to begin browsing options.

Complied below are some of the top options to consider when shopping around for an air mattress riser.

How to raise an air mattress off the floor With Bed Frame

The most obvious choice for raising an air mattress off the floor is a traditional bed frame. This will also provide a more sleek and visually appealing option for those concerned about aesthetics. Additionally, many bed frames have a significant amount of space between the base and the floor making for a potential storage area. This in and of itself is a large perk for those with limited space within their residence. Some of the most cost effective and highly rated options for bed frames from Amazon are listed below:

AmazonBasics Foldable, Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly, No Box Spring Needed

AmazonBasics Foldable, Black Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool-Free Assembly

This bed frame allows for copious amounts of storage underneath, has over 75,000 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars and has a sleek black appearance perfect for those concerned with aesthetics.

ZINUS SmartBase Compact Mattress Foundation 

ZINUS SmartBase Compact Mattress Foundation

This next bed frame is similarly black and sleek and is made of pure steel, making it incredibly durable. With over 13,000 ratings it ranks at 4.5 stars as well.

how to raise a bed frame off the floor with Rug or Carpet

This option is likely the most accessible for many, as most homeowners currently have one or both of these items residing within their home. For those with hardwood,

laminate or tile floors this option can drastically increase the comfort level of the air mattress by allowing it to sit on a softer material. Some of the best options from Amazon are:

Floralux Fluffy Rugs for Bedroom Living Room

This option is great based on its neutral color, high level of comfortability, plush material and size. Ranking at 4.5 stars, it is not only cost effective but aesthetically pleasing also.

Floralux Fluffy Rugs for Bedroom Living Room 5×7 Soft Plush Shag Area Rug Shaggy Nursery Rugs Fuzzy Non-Slip Carpet for Kids Playroom Dorm, Light Gray

Floralux Fluffy Rugs for Bedroom Living Room

Another plush and comfortable fabric combined with a dark and easy to maintain appearance is found with this option. Perfect for families with younger children, this rug will last. Coming in at 4.5 stars with over 3,000 rating, this rug option is a clear favorite.

How to raise a bed off the floor With Mattress Topper Box Springs

A more traditional and marginally less visually appealing option is the use of box

springs. These are typically needed when using a traditional bed frame and can also be used on their own. Coming primarily in light colors such as white, they offer a clean and bright look.

ZINUS 7 Inch Metal Smart Box Spring 

ZINUS 7 Inch Metal Smart Box Spring 

Zinus appears to be one of the top competitors in the bed frame and box spring market. All products are ranked with an average of 4 stars and consumers seem overall very pleased with their products. Although this box spring costs over $150.00 it does come in smaller sizes for a lower The durable metal makes for a long lasting option.

Amazon Basics Smart Box Spring Bed Base, 9-Inch Mattress Foundation

Amazon Basics Smart Box Spring Bed Base, 9-Inch Mattress Foundation

For almost an identical cost, Amazon offers their own version of the product with a clear and straightforward set up This is ideal for those that do not want to expend energy on building their purchase and want a durable and lightweight option.

Wood Pallets

Arguably the most affordable option, buyers can find wood pallets at any local grocery store, oftentimes even for zero cost. By saving the allotted money that would have been spent on any of the previous options, buyers can invest more into their actual air

mattress to ensure maximum comfort. Wood pallets offer a more industrial look which can be considered trendy, particularly in the U.S. For those not interested in exploring their local options, wood pallets can also be found on Amazon’s website. Listed below are two of the most popular options:

KD Frames Twin Trundle, Natural Wood

KD Frames Twin Trundle, Natural Wood

This option is considerably more costly, coming in at $149.00 USD. It offers a classic, clean look with natural wood in a light For those that prefer purchasing from the comfort of their own home, this option is ideal.

Which Choice Is Right For You?

Weighing the factors of cost, aesthetics and durability will allow buyers to ultimately decide which option for raising their air mattress is going to be their right fit. From box springs, bed frames, wood pallets and rugs there is a vast variety of options available.

Whether your priority is purely the height of the mattress or appearance, you can implement one of the above options to accomplish the task. As shown above, the options are plentiful and no matter what option is chosen, the air mattress will be notably higher and more like a traditional bed than ever before.

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