Mom Jumps to Save Son From Falling Through Stair Railing on Fourth-Floor Balcony

The CCTV footage shows her getting out of the elevator with her son.

The mother and son duo are seen waiting outside a door at the Monserrate construction company’s office in the Laureles Colonial building in Colombia.

Her son seemed to be curious about the view through the rail might be, so he went to have a look. That’s when the unthinkable happened.

Just as he tried to lean on it, thinking there was a sheet of glass between the gap, he falls to his knees and then straight through the railings of the fourth floor! In an instant, you can see his mother leap into action, grabbing her son by the foot and, ultimately, saving his life.

The video has left people on Twitter shocked and, also, very thankful for moms like this!

This user asks: “who’s better than mom?”

Honestly, no one.

Have a look at the full-length video of this mother’s incredible reflexes
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