Best Sleeping Tips and Practices For Women With Large Breasts

If you have big boobs, you know that they can be both a blessing and a curse. You love your boobs. And if you have a partner, I’m sure they love them too. But every now and then, you might get the occasional and unwanted gawky stare. You might also wish you could just take them off for a while.

With big boobs, it’s hard to work out, find the best fitting clothes, and/or they can seriously ruin your beauty sleep.

Not having good sleep can lead to an array of health issues. It can leave you tired, less productive and can even lower your sex drive – yup.

Other health issues include depression, obesity, and decreased immune system functionality. But trying to get a good night’s sleep can be a struggle for a lot of folks. And for folks with big boobs, this can be truly a hassle. From having them pushed around and pulled on to having them all wrapped up under your armpits. Getting into the right position is first and foremost.

Here are the best tips and tricks tried for everyone with big boobs to try for themselves.

The Best Sleeping Positions for Big Boobs

The Best Sleeping Positions for Big Boobs

For Back Sleepers

Sleeping on your back is proven to be the best sleep position for all. But this is especially true for those with larger breasts.

Lying on your back takes the pressure off your face, your neck, and from lying directly on your breasts.

Wedge Pillows

Wedge Pillows for large bust

If you want added comfort, a wedge pillow might be life-changing. But not just any wedge pillow; you need one specific that will aid in this sleeping position. There are many kinds of wedge pillows and they are designed for different reasons and physical comfort issues. This specific wedge pillow for back sleeping can alleviate back pain and any symptoms of acid reflux or heartburn.

If you absolutely cannot access one of these wedge pillows, a regular pillow propped up under your knees can be just as beneficial and work similarly.

For Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side may be most liked by many. Trying these can help you sleep even better.

Pregnancy Pillows

pregnancy pillows for large breast

To get the most comfort when sleeping in this position, trying out a pregnancy pillow might be a great option for you. This type of pillow can help to contour your breasts for extra comfort and avoid pain and pressure on the lower back. You can also place the pillow between your breasts to aid in much less breast contact and stretching.

For someone who’s actually pregnant, you’ve probably heard of this and use it very often if not every night to sleep.

Because pregnant women tend to have back pain and big boobs as it is, it’s suggested that they sleep with added breast and tummy support (i.e. a pregnancy pillow). Side sleeping is also advised to help with blood circulation to the baby (or babies).

If this option is not available to you, you can prop a regular pillow between your breasts in replacement.

Body Pillows

Another great side-sleeping tip is to use a body pillow. Using these pillows correctly aligns your spine and takes the pressure off of your hips to relieve back pain. Use this type of pillow perpendicular to your body, under your head, in between your breasts or under them, and in between your knees to make this completely satisfactory.

For Stomach Sleepers

Yes, sleeping on your stomach is still possible! With great pillows, of course.

Breast Bolsters

Breast Bolsters for large breast

There are pillows made specifically for stomach sleepers with large and/or tender breasts. The pillow is similar to a wedge pillow and has two holes cut out for you to prop your boobs in. You can find these most for massage use. Yes, it is a little funny looking, but honestly who really cares if this is what helps you get the most comfortable and desired sleep.

A Sleep Bra


I know you’re probably thinking, “what is a sleep bra and how is it different from something like a sports bra?”.

A sleep bra is designed to support the breasts and relieve discomfort. It looks similar to a sports bra but moves with you like a soft cotton t-shirt.

A few things you should consider when buying a sleep bra.

  1. Make sure it’s wire-free. You’ll want to be sure there are no underwires or hard plastics in or outside of your bra. This can lead to discomfort, pinching, and heavy indent marks on your skin.
  2. Is it seamless? A seamless sleep bra can reduce pressure and tightness on your skin. It can also help to avoid rubbing that can lead to irritation.
  3. Make sure the fabric material is made out of mostly cotton. Yes, that sexy lingerie you own is really nice and made from super soft silk, but this can actually cause you added sweating while you sleep.Just like your underwear, you’ll want to find something that is breathable. Cotton is likely the most breathable fabric you can find and you won’t be spending crazy money for it.
  4. Make sure it fits well. You won’t want to buy anything too tight or too loose. A bra that is too tight can cut off circulation or leave you with indentations and a skin rash. A bra that is too loose can give you sore, chafing nipples.

All in all

There are many options for you to try. Don’t get discouraged if something mentioned doesn’t work for you the first time. And if you cannot find or purchase any of these bra types or sleeping tips mentioned, you can always opt for what you know is most comfortable for you.

Tried and true will always be your best bet.

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