SnoreRX Mouthpiece Review Must Read This Before Buying

Use Snore Rx to cure headaches, grogginess, memory problems, and get better sleep!

How does Snore Rx let my body get the deep restful sleep that it needs?

SnoreRX Mouthpiece Review

The Snore Rx works by preventing your throat from closing up when you fall asleep and you relax the muscles in the throat. This ingenious little device does this by gently positioning your jaw forward. Keeping the jaw forward pulls the tongue and soft palate away from the back of your throat, even while asleep, letting you breathe unencumbered. This is the same thing that is taught to first responders during Red Cross CPR training. If a person is unconscious and not breathing, they might start breathing again just from having their airway opened by lifting their jaw, therefore pulling the throat muscles out of the airway. Since the Snore Rx is doing all the work to keep your airway open, your body can stay fully relaxed and breathe normally through all 4 stages of the sleep cycle, AND anyone around you won’t have their sleep interrupted by the sound of you choking (snoring).

  • Snoring interrupts normal sleep patterns
  • Snoring can be embarrassing if heard by roommates or people around you on a plane
  • Snoring contributes to serious health implications and is associated with a shortened life span
  • The Snore Rx mouthpiece is an affordable, comfortable, and effective solution to this problem

Pro’s and Con’s for the Snore Rx


  • The feeling of sleeping with something in your mouth
  • Possible drooling in some people
  • Possible jaw discomfort


  • Brand has an established reputation and has been around for 13 years
  • Made in the USA and manufactured to dental laboratory standards
  • Used by medical professionals as a solution for their patients’ snoring problems
  • Custom fitted to your mouth right at home
  • Over 2,300 verified reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Much more convenient and inexpensive than a CPAP machine

Take snoring seriously.

Picture this… imagine treating yourself to the most relaxing day you can think of. Maybe for you that’s lying on a nice warm quiet beach under an umbrella. Or maybe it’s in a luxury hotel, with a remote-control bed, watching free Netflix all day. Whatever it is, now imagine you’re going to try and relax while spending a whole 8 hours breathing through a straw.
To make matters worse, at random times throughout the day that straw is going to close off and you’re not going to be able to suck any air through it until it re-opens, but that straw is the ONLY thing that you can breathe through. Sound fun? Sound relaxing? NO! It sounds like a nightmare. It sounds like panic and anxiety.
You would never try to relax this way. Yet, this is exactly what many of us are doing to ourselves every night when we think we’re getting a relaxing night’s sleep! I’m talking about snoring.

Don’t laugh this off! The noise that is often the butt of the joke on movies and TV can actually be causing serious health concerns. When a person snores, it causes them AND anyone within ear shot to get less than optimal sleep.
Consistent quality sleep is universally recognized by the medical community as a vital part of the very foundation of good health.
Luckily, there is a solution. The Snore Rx is like a wooden stake to the heart of the sleep stealing vampire that is snoring.

So, if you think snoring is a part of life that you just have to accept, think again. If you think grogginess, headaches, lack of concentration, nodding off in your car on your way home from work, and needing caffeine to survive are normal… you could be in for a life changing experience.

Wait, what causes snoring anyway?

Snoring is the noise that is created by air moving through your closed off throat to get to your lungs. The throat is closed because the tongue, soft palate, and uvula (the punching bag in the back of the throat) relax while we’re asleep, and sag together blocking the airway. This is why you can “snore” on purpose when you’re awake by consciously closing your throat, and you can stop whenever you want. When you’re awake you can control those body parts.

How does snoring ruin your sleep?

Newsflash: humans need to breathe to survive. When you fall asleep and the throat closes, and you can’t breathe, your body has to deal with this threat, otherwise you will suffocate and die. So, your brain makes you slightly “wake up” to control the throat muscles and open the airway. Once breathing again, your body isn’t fighting for its life anymore, so it moves to the next priority which is getting back to a deep sleep. Once you fall deeper into sleep, the muscles of the throat and tongue relax, close off the airway again, and you are stuck in a vicious cycle of choking and waking up.
You can see how this is not a relaxing process for your body.  Even if your throat doesn’t completely close off, the fact that a snoring sound is being made is proof that the throat is at least partially closed off, and the body is not getting a full relaxing breath. Snoring turns your throat into the straw.

How does sleep actually work again?

Sleep is a little different for everyone, however it is very similar for the majority of people. Sleep is organized into cycles. Each cycle lasts around 70-120 minutes. Each cycle consists of four stages. Each stage leads you through a deeper and deeper level of sleep until you reach stage four, which is the famous REM sleep. If you are a snorer, you are very likely interrupting your journey to REM sleep by waking up enough to open your throat and breathe, and your body will have start the cycle over. This is how snoring is so effective at robbing you of deep sleep. You can’t stay asleep long enough to consistently make it through each cycle. Even if you aren’t the one snoring, waking up to the sound of someone near you snoring all night is doing the same thing to your sleep cycles.

Why is poor sleep bad for my health?

Sleep is essential for every single bodily function and process. It helps your body regulate hormones, process and store memories, and recover and heal from the daily grind. Take sleep away and you start to see where things can fall apart. Not getting good sleep is associated with a shortened life span. In fact, according to Harvard, poor sleep increases risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Not to mention car accidents that occur from people falling asleep at the wheel. Not getting quality sleep is outright dangerous.

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