Snoring not only disrupts the sleep patterns of those around us but also affects our own sleep quality. It is a thorny issue that causes irritability and has driven a lot of relationship to the edge of their homes. 

According to a study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition, 45% of U.S. adults snore and the problem gets worse with age..

It is important to differentiate between different types of snoring and know which type of snorer to prevent or quiet snoring. If you are snoring with mouth closed, you need different remedies from people snoring with their mouth open.


There are 3 types of snorers and each need their own treatment. Take our 40 second test to see what type you are.

Treatment for snoring With Mouth Closed

1) Anti Snoring pillow

Raise the head of your bed at least 4 inches to keep your airway open and prevent your tongue from falling back. A simple way is to use a foam wedge, or a contoured pillow to elevate your head. It also helps supports your neck and relieves muscle tension giving you better quality sleep.

pillow is one great options help to naturally correct the condition without using any type of medication. Consult your doctor today on the use of various Snore pillows and get help to choose the best match for yourself

2) humidifier for snoring

Whatever type of portable humidifier you choose, start working about an hour before you plan to go to the bedroom.

That would have time to add moisture to the air before breathing. keep the humidifier within 1,5 m of your bed Moist air prevents throat and mouth tissues from drying out while breathing. This makes you more comfortable at night and when you wake up. If you live in a very humid area, for example during the summer months, do not use a humidifier during that month. It will only make your room feel stuffy and will not help.

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3) Nasal Strips


Nasal Strips are flexible adhesive straps that are fixed on the side of the nostrils. It’s basically like a bandage fixed across your nose.nasal strips like breathe right strip assistant hold open the anterior nasal

By letting more air through the nose, breathing is eased and at a normal rate.
This allows for more consistent breathing. This is how nasal strips work in reducing snoring and obstructive sleep apnea OSA.

4) Oral devices for snoring

Oral appliances are designed to reduce snoring by changing the shape of the mouth or preventing the tongue from blocking the airways. There are three basic types of mouthpiece: push the jaw forward; improve the smooth taste and a mouthpiece that prevents the tongue from falling behind during sleep.

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5 ) laser surgery for snoring

laser surgery therapy involves the use of a laser instead of a traditional scalpel. It is the most popular, effective, and most widely used treatment for primary snorers. This surgical procedure to stop snoring removes obstructions in your airways in outpatient setting underuse of local anesthesia.


6) Avoid Alcohol & Sedatives before Bed

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons of snoring with mouth closed is due to your tongue and throat falling back to your airway. Alcohol, sleeping pills, and sedatives encourage your throat and tongue muscles to collapse causing you to snore.

7) Sleep on Your Side

Sleeping while lying on your back can be partially blocking your airway by causing the base of your tongue to collapse to the back of your throat.

Try sleeping on your side to allow easy airflow and improves to stop snore.

Some studies claim that taping a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas can prevent you from sleeping on your back. It may seem a little extreme but you never know, it may actually help. Besides, sleeping on your left side is your fetal and natural position and with the time you will get used to it.

8) Lose Some Weight

Excess weight around your throat and neck is a common cause for snoring with mouth closed. The fat around your neck and throat squeezes the airway causing you to snore. Exercise, reduce your overall caloric intake and eat healthier to reduce the fatty tissue around your neck.

9) Try Singing and Other Tongue Exercises

Our throat muscles slack with age and that is why snoring with mouth closed is common in men and women over 40.

Try singing and other tongue exercises such as; the tongue carpet, the roof smoosh, the tongue slide, the cheek pouch and repeatedly saying Aaah!; the same way you do when your dentist inspects your throat.

The exercises strengthen your tongue and throat muscles and prevent blockage of the airway. They have helped countless people who snore with their mouths closed.

What causes snoring with mouth closed?

Snoring with mouth closed may indicate a problem with your tongue or throat. A bulky throat tissues or poor muscle tone on the throat and tongue can cause them to fall back into the airway which causes snoring even when your mouth is closed.

Allergies and infections that cause deformities of the nose such as deviated septum.

Long Uvula or soft palate (the dangling organ in the back of the mouth).

Despite this, men as well as people who are overweight are the most affected victims of snoring. As if not enough, it is a condition that gets worse as age progresses.

In many cases, this type of snoring has a higher noise than other typical snoring sounds. While sleep experts and Doctor claim the problem is usually down to several factors, poor throat and tongue muscle tone are mainly caused by deep sleep, smoking, alcohol consumption, normal aging, having a big tongue and obesity.

Health Risks Associated with Snoring

Other types of snorers can control their snoring by using devices that keep their mouth closed. People snoring with mouth closed cannot be helped by this remedy but they still face some serious health risk.

Breathing interruptions during sleep can cause higher blood pressure and is often associated with higher risks of heart disease and stroke.

It also causes poor quality of sleep due to light sleeping and poor frequent waking from sleep even if you don’t realize it. This makes you feel tired and cranky during the day causing a strain on your body and overall immunity.


Snoring can make a good night’s sleep for you or for your partner difficult. After many sleep deprivation nights, some lifestyle changes and natural remedies are easy and inexpensive ways to help you stop snoring.


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