Sleep Apnea Exercise Training course 2

These exercises will target muscles of the throat, neck, soft palate and jaw. Performing these exercises properly will strengthen these muscles and help to keep your airway open while sleeping. We encourage you to complete the exercises most days of the week and follow the ‘Sample Exercise Training Plan’ at the end of the video.

Finger In cheek

Open your mouth, place your first finger inside your cheek.
• Push your finger so that your cheek moves outward while contracting the cheek
muscles to resist the pushing of your finger.
• Repeat this 10 more times for each cheek, repeat 4 times a day.

Please Practice this now.

Purpose: to strengthen your facial and throat muscles. Improve the resistance
of the buccinator and orbicular muscles. Better closure of the mouth will be
gained. Many Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients breath via their mouth. This

exercise will help improve nasal breathing.

Jaw Resist

Place hand underneath your chin.
• Attempt to open your mouth as your hand pushes upward resisting the
motion of your mouth.
• Repeat this exercise 5 more times and twice a day.

Purpose: to strengthen and exercise the jaw muscles.

* Do not excessively push against jaw. Apply force but stop the

exercises if you are experiencing any pain

Tongue Slide

Looking straight ahead, position the tip of your tongue against the back of
your top, front teeth.
• Slide your tongue backward.
• Repeat 10 more times.

Please Practice this now.

Purpose: To tone and strengthen the tongue and throat muscles.


This is best performed in front of a mirror.
• Close your mouth and pretend that you’re chewing a piece of gum.
• Ensure that your molars are positioned slightly apart during chewing; then let
them lightly touch together again.
• While you chew make a “mmm” sound. The sound will enable your throat to
open. Check that your mouth remains closed in the mirror.
• Chew for 10 Seconds. Repeat 3 Times.

Purpose: To strengthen and tone the muscles in the back of your throat and to strengthen the jaw muscles.

A Smile A Day

his is best performed in front of a mirror.
• Keep your mouth shut and make exaggerated smiles.
• Hold the smile for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 more times.

Purpose: To tighten and strengthen your neck muscles.

QUICK TIP: If you are short for time you can watch this 5-minute video here

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