Training 2

Sleep Apnea Exercise Training course 3

These exercises will target muscles of the throat, neck, soft palate and jaw. Performing these exercises properly will strengthen these muscles and help to keep your airway open while sleeping. We encourage you to complete the exercises most days of the week.

Tiger Yell

  • Open your mouth as wide as possible, and stick your tongue out in a downward position. Your tongue needs to be stuck out as far as possible.Attempt to open your mouth as your hand pushes upward resisting the motion of your mouth.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 more times and twice a day.
  •  The mirror is used to ensure that you’re lifting the uvula up correctly. You’ll soon begin to sense that you’ve lifted it and wont require the mirror.
  •  Hold the lifted uvula for 5 seconds and repeat 10 more times.

Purpose: to exercise and strengthen all the muscles in the back of your throat. 

Tongue Press

  • Push your tongue against your hard palate.
  • Do this for 5 seconds then slide your tongue backward to the back of your mouth.
  • At least a third of your tongue needs to be against your hard palate not just the tip of your tongue. Hold the lifted uvula for 5 seconds and repeat 10 more times.
  • Keep your jaw open through this exercise and refrain from biting down.
  • Repeat this move 10 more times and 4 times a day.

Purpose: To strengthen the genioglossus and to increase the strength in the hyoid muscles and bone.

QUICK TIP: If you are short for time you can watch this 3-minute video here

Going Up

Start with your chin resting on your chest with your mouth closed.
• Place the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth.
• Slowly start to look at the ceiling.
• Slide your tongue from behind your teeth to the back of your mouth.
• Once your tongue reaches the back of your mouth lift it up, move it back to
the front.
• Hold this position for 10 seconds and then bring your head down to neutral
• Repeat this 10 more times.
Please Practice this now.
Purpose: to tone and strengthen the muscles in the front of your neck and
your tongue muscles.

Tongue Clench

This is best performed in front of a mirror.
• Place your tongue between your teeth and gently bite down and hold the
tongue in position.
• Now swallow 5 times in a row.
• Repeat swallowing 5 more times and repeat this 4 times a day.
Please Practice this now.
Purpose: To strengthen and exercise the muscles at the back of your throat.

Ceiling Swallow

  • Bring your head right down so your chin is resting on your chest.
  • Open your mouth wide sticking your tongue out as far as possible.
  • Gently bite down on your tongue while lifting your head up towards the ceiling.
  • When you reach the top, looking up at the ceiling and with your tongue sticking out, you need to swallow and repeat this 5 more times. 

Purpose: The swallowing action lifts the trachea and the throat muscles contract, exercise and tone.

QUICK TIP: If you are short for time you can watch this 3-minute video here