Treat sleep apnea without cpap, My Case Study

I Had Sleep Study in 2017 showed that I had sleep apnea.

I finally got the answer I was looking for.

But how could I fix my problem? The doctor suggested the CPAP machine. He said, “One night, and you’ll feel like a new woman.” The bad news is I did not feel like a new woman. 


I tried using the CPAP machine for three months. I made use of the version with heated tubes and humidifier, with the lowest possible setting. As a start, I felt like I was suffocating. Adjusting the settings gradually higher did not help at all. It made everything worse.

By not seeing any positive results and not feeling good



Seeking Relief on My Own



After the horrible experience I have with the CPAP machine and the lack of support I received from the staff, I have never returned to the clinic and decided to go out to find relief on my own.

By researching,I found some exercises that target muscles of the throat, neck, soft palate and jaw.Performing these exercises will strengthen these muscles and help to keep airway open while sleeping. I want to practices these exercises

But I finally 🙂 . I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

you can mindlessly do the exercises anywhere, anytime: while stuck in traffic surfing the net, watching TV, or wherever suits you.

which I will be happy to share with you for free, only do this Test to know if you are ready 


Is your neck size greater than 16 inches (females), or 17 inches (males)? Is your neck circumference bigger than 40 cm or 16 inches?