What To Know If Your Child Sleeps With Their Mouth Open

We all know that kids who don’t get enough sleep are apt to turn into little monsters, melting down over the smallest things, and making the lives of everyone around them a living hell. The reality is that sometimes kids don’t get enough sleep, and it really sucks. But usually a good night’s sleep puts everything back together and you can move on with your life.

However, there are some kids for whom sleep doesn’t come that easily, and the quantity and quality of their sleep is persistently problematic. These kids might actually have a sleep disorder, which is more common than most realize. It turns out sleep disorders can cause all kinds of symptoms, and not just crankiness. Behavioral issues, health issues, dental issues, and feeding issues can all be attributed to sleep disorders.

The scary thing is that sleep disorders often go undiagnosed, so kids are living with these symptoms and no one knows that a sleep disorder is to blame.

Take the case of Melody Yazdani and her boy Kian, now 8 years old. Yazdani, a photographer, recently shared on Facebook her harrowing story of dealing with all kinds of stresses and misdiagnoses as she tried to address Kian’s troubling behavioral and health issues. Her detailed account of the experience is definitely worth a read and will open your eyes to what it’s like to live with a child who has an undiagnosed sleep disorder.

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