8 Best Ways To Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

We are all trying to avoid the signs of aging and the inevitable wrinkles that come with old age. However, did you know that wrinkles can start to take formation doing something as simple as sleeping? According to the Oxford Academic Aesthetic Surgery Journal, “Sleep wrinkles develop in response to the “distortion created when the face is pressed against any sleep surface.” (Anson et al.) As we sleep, we are constantly moving, and that movement can lead to sleep lines on your face. I will go over the best ways to prevent sleep wrinkles and lines.

Use a Silk Pillow Case

silk pillowcase for wrinkles

There is more than one reason you should use a silk pillowcase. Silk Pillowcases reduce sleep lines and wrinkles due to silk’s reduced friction and smooth, gentle texture. It makes transitioning from one sleep position to the next more manageable and less aggressive on your face, significantly reducing the pressure and pull on your face while sleeping.
As I mentioned, silk pillowcases have a dual purpose. Not only are they good for your skin and prevent sleep wrinkles, but they are also excellent for your hair. Silk pillowcases are known for reducing frizzing and tangles in your hair.
When you get up in the morning, you will have smooth, wrinkle-free skin and soft and frizz-free hair.

Use a Pillow That Prevents Sleep Wrinkles

Pillow That Prevents Sleep Wrinkles

According to a paper published in the Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research Journal, Sleep lines on the face, forehead, and neck can be significantly reduced by a Sleep wrinkle-preventing pillow.

The pillow is designed to redistribute your head’s weight to prevent lines. This may be good if you are a side sleeper and want to avoid sleep lines and wrinkles, especially on your chest and neck.
Chest wrinkles from sleep are most often caused by sleeping on your side because your chest has no choice but to crease when you are side sleeping. Using a unique pillow may seem excessive, but it has significantly reduced sleep wrinkles. It would be a good option for someone with a lot of difficulty with sleep lines on their face, neck, and chest.

Use a Night Cream or Night Serum

Use a Night Cream or Night Serum for Sleep Wrinkles

A Night Cream or Night Serum is excellent for preventing wrinkles from sleeping. A night cream before bed adds moisture and elasticity to your skin. It contains the pressure leading to more profound and apparent sleep wrinkles. “As skin loses elasticity and stiffens, they progress to fewer, deeper creases which become permanent with repetition and age.” (Anson et al.)
Using a night cream or having a night cream and serum will help reduce the effect of sleep wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer every night 10-15 minutes before bed to ensure that it is absorbed into your skin to get the best results. You also want to ensure that you apply the moisturizer to your face, neck, and chest to help reduce the appearance of sleep chest wrinkles. You will not only reduce the effect of sleep wrinkles, but you will also wake up with smooth, soft skin in the morning.

Sleep Wear

TAIPOVE Women’s Supersoft Sleepwear

What you wear to bed can also be a distinguishing factor in the chest and neck sleep wrinkles. Fabrics like silk, satin, and cotton are best to help prevent wrinkles on the chest. You want to choose soft materials that are smooth and free of any buttons or objects that will cause indents in your skin.

Wear an Eye Mask

Wear an Eye Mask for sleep wrinkles

Wearing an eye mask is good if you tend to touch your face while sleeping. The sleep mask will prevent your hands from making imprints on your face, especially around the most sensitive part of your face. Your eyes have softer skin and tend to crease and wrinkle more than your forehead and neck. However, the sleep mask that you choose does make a significant difference.

You want to ensure that you use a soft material such as silk or satin, as these fabrics are less likely to leave additional eye wrinkles from sleeping. Wearing an eye mask also has a dual benefit by providing a dark sleep space. This will ensure that you are getting the best sleep possible and making sure that you get a long and well-deserved rest.

Drink Water

Drinking water has been proven excellent for your skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, clearing acne, and leaving your skin soft and blemish-free. Drinking water and staying hydrated throughout your day is a great way to ensure that your skin is plump and hydrated when you go to bed. This will reduce the effects and pressure of sleep and prevent sleep wrinkles from having a long-lasting impact on your face, eyes, and neck.
Keeping a water bottle or a glass of water on your nightstand or nearby while you sleep is also a good idea to fight hydration. We often sweat from the abundance of movement we are doing while sleeping, so having water ready will ensure that you are always prepared to hydrate when needed.
Drinking more water has multiple positive effects on your health. It will not only help with your skin but also with headaches.
Ensuring you are staying well hydrated, especially in the warmer months. If you live somewhere warm, waiting hydrated is an excellent way to keep your body feeling good.

Get Enough Sleep

Improve Your Sleep Quality

You must get enough sleep to reduce the visual appearance and the effect of wrinkles. Not getting enough sleep will leave your body feeling drained, and it will be most apparent on your face. When sleepy, your eyes will droop, making it harder to maintain facial expressions. Feeling tired can also make concentrating more complex, leading to squinting and forehead wrinkles.
Lack of sleep may increase restless sleep, which can lead to additional tossing and turning when you are in bed, leading to different sleep lines on your face.
If you get enough sleep, you will feel refreshed and revitalized. The appearance of sleep wrinkles will be less apparent. Getting enough sleep is also essential to improving focus and ensuring you can keep up with what life throws at you.
It can be hard to sleep when you are feeling stressed or emotional. But taking time to rest and relax will also help reduce the long-lasting effects of wrinkles and lead to a better, more productive day.

Day Creams and Morning Routines

If you want to take an additional step to help reduce sleep lines and wrinkles, establishing a morning routine and applying some daytime moisturizer would also be a good idea. Using jade rollers and cooling globes in the morning right after waking up can help smooth out the wrinkles caused by sleep.
Using a moisturizer during the day will also help prevent wrinkles and help your face and chest stay moisturized and plump all day. Taking these extra steps may become more necessary with age. You can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by starting earlier and investing in your skin at a young age.


Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas for preventing sleep lines and wrinkles in your day-to-day life. It is easy to think that while we are sleeping, our faces are relaxed, which will prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. It is important to remember that gravity is coming for us, and we must work hard to avoid lasting effects. Taking the steps in this article will help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lead you to live a happier and healthier wrinkle-free life. Please let us know if you end up using any of these techniques and which ones worked best for you.

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