5 Best CPAP masks for stomach sleepers 2022

Sleeping on your stomach is a rare position, and folks who do this have distinctive worries whenever they need to pick a CPAP mask. This position makes the majority of CPAP masks push into their face, and that brings on pain and recurrent air leaks.

Dependent on how big the mask is, it might additionally force your head into a spot that stresses out your neck and may bring stiffness or pain the next day.

Because of these considerations, the majority of folks can only sleep on their belly if they utilize a nasal pillow mask. That’s because nasal pillows have a low profile so they’re perfect for that, since they don’t usually get knocked off or bring on discomfort no matter what position you sleep in.

Though, even folks using nasal pillow masks ought to make sure their real bed pillow can accommodate their mask. A few types of masks additionally have tubes positioned alongside the temples, and this can bring on air restriction dependent on the position you sleep as well as how firm the pillow is.

Most Comfortable CPAP masks for stomach sleepers

1 Phillips Respironics DreamWear – Editor’s Pick

Philips Respironics DreamWear

Via the trim and its comfy shape, the Phillips Respironics DreamWear is the #1 best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers of 2022. It is a lightweight, and open styled kind of mask so this pick includes a trim kind of headgear which moves with the wearer.

Its low-profile shape is an exceptional element which makes certain the wearer is able to still see what they are doing as they get ready to go to sleep or if they want to watch television.

The mask integrates silicone headwraps with material covers, therefore there’s nothing to cause abrasion or rub onto the sensitive skin of the face.

Missing nasal pillows as well as providing a smooth type of headgear, this Phillips Respironics DreamWear CPAP mask is an exceptional pick for people wanting to not think about the fact they must wear a CPAP mask. “Hardly present” is what you want if you sleep on your tummy, and this one is great for all the right reasons.

And, it comes in 3 sizes so you will always get the ideal fit on your face, whether you have a small, medium or large face size and shape.

2 DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask

DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask

This DreamWear Gel Nasal Pillow Mask delivers a dependable seal combined with a comfiness all freefall sleepers require.

It has a gel nasal pillow with an additional insert made of gel which delivers a comfy feel for each of your nostrils and still maintains a seal that is totally secure..

This mask is designed with a hollow frame which enables effortless airflow getting to its nasal pillow. Freefall sleepers will have a lower irritation level and won’t be so uncomfortable due to the mask’s frame construction when they sleep on their tummies.

3 ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask

ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask

This is the main nasal cover in our list of most comfy cpap masks. So, like it ought to be, it’s basic, light and very convincing.

For top of the line cpap nasal masks for stomach sleepers, you want it to be something that’s the top comfy thing you have to wear on the face. It is truly not boisterous, as ResMed knows what it is doing.

Therefore, if you are looking a buying a cpap nasal mask for stomach sleepers since your treatment involves some greater weights, it will not be as silent as a few other mask types.

So, in order to find a cpap nasal masks for stomach sleepers, it’s necessary to look at one of the quietest accessible.

Due to the shape as well as the plan, it doesn’t hinder your vision as you relax whilst wearing the mask it’s possible to read, watch TV as well as wear eyeglasses.

Not every cpap mask for stomach sleepers offers this, therefore it’s a feature quite promoting since, for many people, it means a lot if their CPAP treatment interferes with their lifestyle as little as possible.

4 ResMed AirFit P30i – Tops for Active Sleepers

ResMed AirFit P30i

A ResMed AirFit P30i will operate using either nasal cushions or pillows, therefore it’s possible to customize it. That’s a helpful element for CPAP users struggling to discover the ideal fit with previous masks.

Switching out your accessories is easy, as well as adjusting it so it fits securely and is comfortable. You just place the mask and headgear on, then adjust its versatile, contoured frame, and then have a peaceful night’s rest.

The mask as a swiveling which lets stomach sleepers get a complete range of movement, which also makes it a perfect pick if you are an active sleeper.

Its tubing utilizes an open-face plan, which is great for those wishing to watch television, wear glasses or for reading.


  • You may pick nasal cushions or pillows dependent on your level of comfort.
  • The one-size fits all style of headgear can be adjusted in nearly infinite ways so it fits onto the face.
  • Its swiveling connector gives the wearer a total range of movements.
  • Its tubing sits on the side of the face instead of on the forehead or nose.


  • The mask is mostly compatible with the softer type of nasal pillows, so you might have to switch them out if you have a different type.

5 Phillips Respironics Wisp – Fantastic Stability (With No Nasal Pillows)

If you’re struggling to maintain the CPAP mask at night, yet are not comfy using the nasal pillow style, a Phillips Respironics Wisp may be your best bet. IT has 3 varied sizes of cushions (all of them fit onto the same frame), therefore you may try each of them and then choose the one that fits you the best.

Different from the nasal pillow style, a Respironics Wisp fits right over the nose, which you may believe means it doesn’t fit as securely. Nevertheless, this style of CPAP mask additionally includes headgear which makes the unit more stable.

Plus its headgear is very soft as well, plus the built is a fantastic characteristic for making certain he mask remains secure. You may additionally buy a separate liner which delivers extra padding, and that is a huge advantage if your skin is sensitive.

Generally, if you sleep on your stomach, the stability of the Respironics Wisp could be a true lifesaver.


  • The magnetic release headgear is easy to get off or on.
  • Its headgear provides extra stability with no need to rely on using nasal pillows.
  • 3 swappable sizes of naval cushion come with it so you get the top fit.


  • You might have to try on each of the three cushions so you can get the best fit.

Utilizing a CPAP Pillow to get Improved Mask Fit

Some CPAP users can’t utilize the total range of the styles of CPAP masks, and the choice someone makes has to be in accordance with what their sleep specialist advises.

If the user can’t sleep with it on, then it does no good. However, using CPAP pillows may be just the thing! The nasal pillows are formed to accommodate all kinds of masks — to include the larger unwieldy masks much better than traditional nasal pillows, even whilst you sleep on your side.

Dependent on the style, they might additionally deliver enhanced cervical support so your mask won’t fall off or if you have pain in your neck.

What’s the style of breathing you have?

You have before now had obstructive sleep apnea, therefore we do not need to inform you that it’s vital to breathe properly as you sleep. However, breathing patterns fast lower the number of masks you have to pick from.

Mouth BreatherIf you are someone who breathes through their mouth breather due to clogged nasal passages, or an allergy, etc. where you can’t breathe via the nose, you will wish to firstly try full face masks. Or if you’d rather use one that provides more of a view, we suggest using oral CPAP masks.

If you always sleep with your mouth staying open, yet do not have a problem breathing via the nose, you might wish to try using a mix of nasal pillows or nasal type masks along with a chin strap. That reduces sore throat and dry mouth issues which some CPAP users get.

Nose Breather: Fantastic news! If you are a nose breather, you are able to use nearly any type of mask except the oral CPAP masks.

Both/Unknown: You will wisht to stay using a full-face CPAP mask else a hybrid type of CPAP mask if you want the top airflow versatility.

Purchasers’ Guide – Best three Tips Prior to buying

Discovering the correct type of CPAP mask for folks who’d rather sleep on their stomach and meeting their unique desires is somewhat challenging. Here’s our 3 top tips to understand prior to buying—thus may pick the correct mask for your requirements.

  1. Understand the Various Kinds of CPAP Masks used by Stomach Sleepers. We Advise

3 styles of masks for folks who sleep via their stomach, that’s the things you ought to learn regarding nasal masks, as well as nasal pillow masks, and the various options of hybrid masks.

Nasal Style Masks

Nasal style masks usually cover the whole area of the nose, instead of just the nostrils. Whenever you imagine a CPAP mask, you likely think about this type.

Undeniably, a lot of updates have been made since nasal masks first were sold. These days, the modern-day nasal masks are tops for CPAP users needing a high machine setting. However, they additionally permit you to move more freely because a section of the face is not covered.

There are a lot of sizes as well as configurations for nasal masks. Therefore, it is pretty simple to find the right one to fit someone’s face exactly. Though a few are a bit unwieldly and that makes it vital to understand the way as well as the place you intend wearing the mask. For instance, some masks make it hard to watch TV

Nasal Pillow Style Masks

Nasal pillow Style masks usually come with a more simple kind of design than nasal style masks. This is due to this kind of mask being equipped with specialized type of pillows which stick to the nostrils. Getting the right size is vital, however, a lot of CPAP users discover that once they get the correct nasal pillow mask it has a very reliable fit.

A lot of users really like this type of mask since it is not as unwieldy as a conventional style CPAP mask. Even if you have some kind of beard or mustache there is a model that will fit you well and be comfy. Plus if you choose the correct kind of nasal pillow mask design you can also read or watch TV as you wear it.

If you use a higher setting on your CPAP machine, though, this kind of CPAP mask isn’t going to be the best one for you. It is best to discuss your CPAP machine setting with your doctor.

The one that works great is a hybrid CPAP mask if you would rather sleep on your stomach as well as mix a mouth cover with nasal pillows. Hybrids are likely a great choice if you also sleep keeping your mouth open, so this is a great style for mouth breathing sleepers.

It has two seals on the mouth and nose, therefore, it’s easier to breathe using this kind of mask with your machine. It centers on the mouth and nose instead of being a cover for the other sections of the face. Hybrid masks are also a good choice for those who wish to be able to see unobstructed while also making sure you get a great seal over the nose and mouth.

  1. Understand Your Type of Pillow

The pillow type used may affect the position you sleep in, as well as how well the CPAP mask functions and how good you sleep.

Contemplate the subsequent kinds when shopping for a CPAP mask, then you will be able to make sure it is compatible, comfy and you’ll sleep peacefully with your CPAP machine.

Abdominal Sleeper Pillows

A devoted belly sleeper pillow many times is designed with a trim shape, is somewhat firm, and it can be adjusted. For instance, a nasal pillow designed for tummy sleepers may allow you to adjust the amount of ill so you can customize the cushion for the spine, neck and head.

A few belly sleepers do not utilize pillows. And whilst sleeping on the tummy may help relieve snoring as well as lessen sleep apnea, sometimes it causes neck discomfort. Consequently, choosing the correct pillow along with the right CPAP mask if you sleep on your tummy is important if you want a comfier and healthier sleep time.

Back Sleeper Style Pillows

Back sleeper style pillows are usually in between tummy and side sleeper styles. They’ll longer than the ones for tummy sleeper pillows as well as somewhat softer for this kind of sleep position. Pillows for those who sleep on their back may additionally have support for your neck so your sleep is more comfy. A lot of them additionally have a way to adjust the filling to customize a person’s sleep time.

Side Sleeper Style Pillows

Side sleeper style pillows are typically longer than the ones for back or stomach sleepers. This style has to be harder than the others since it has to provide more support to the spine and neck.

These denser, stiffer pillows have a tendency to include memory foam. This helps shape the pillow to the person’s body and offers a better sleep experience that’s customized and more supportive.

But if you sleep on your tummy the side sleeper style of pillows are not the best kind to use ever.

If you sleep using the wrong style of pillow your pain could be worse. Additionally, a few sleep positions can also cause sleep apnea to get worse. Select the best pillow according to your sleeping position if you can and do it carefully to get the top outcome.

  1. Discover the top Deal for Your Particular Requirements

No one intends to pay too much for their CPAP mask if you want to sleep on your tummy. Particularly if you have attempted to use a lot of other kinds before and might feel like you’ll never find the right one for you.

Regrettably, a lot of people who suffer from sleep apnea that might do better if they use their CPAP machine regularly quit doing so since they hate their mask. Not treating your sleep apnea, however, could be tremendously risky.

Luckily, our best 5 recommendations involve a little bit for everyone who’s struggled with trying to find the right mask that fits good and is comfy for sleeping like this.

Dependent on the kind of mask you like, as well as the way you sleep, the size of your face, if your skin is sensitive, the kind of pillow, your settings on your CPAP machine and how much money you have, it’s possible to get the right style of mask so your sleep time is comfy again

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