Why You Need A Breast Separator When You Sleep

What is a breast separator?

Breast separators, also known as breast dividers or breast pads, are devices designed to keep the breasts separate from each other. They are typically made from soft, flexible materials and are often designed like a wearable pillow.

These separators serve several purposes:

1. Comfort: For women with larger breasts, breast separators can prevent skin-to-skin contact between the breasts. This reduces discomfort, chafing, and sweating.

2. Posture Support: Breast separators can help promote better posture by providing extra support and preventing the breasts from weighing down on the chest.

3. Medical Use: In some cases, breast separators are recommended by healthcare professionals for conditions such as intertrigo (skin irritation), dermatitis, or to help with post-surgical healing. By keeping the breasts separated and reducing friction, they help with skin irritation.

4. Athletic Wear: Athletes may use breast separators to minimize movement during physical activity, providing extra comfort and support.

While breast separators can be beneficial for women experiencing discomfort or seeking additional support, they are not necessary for everyone. If anything on the list above applies to you, they may be beneficial.

They can also help if you’re nursing, recently received implants, or had a mastectomy. They are even used by some women to prevent chest wrinkles while they sleep.

However, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or bra fitting specialist to determine if breast separators are appropriate for your specific needs.

I promise once you try one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase it sooner! Read below to see our top recommended breast pillows on Amazon.

Best Breast Separators for Side & Back Sleepers

Intimia Breast Pillow

Intimia Breast Pillow

Introducing the Intimia Breast Pillow, this product was once featured on Dr. Oz! It is comfortable and supportive for stomach, back or side sleepers.

Made for B cups and larger, this pillow will fit snugly between your breasts and balances firmness with comfort.

Adjustable straps provide the perfect custom fit every time, and you will love the buttery softness of the nylon material.

The Intimia Breast Pillow not only prevents skin irritation and tenderness between the breasts, but also reduces chest creases and wrinkles!

Amazon Review: “This product is amazing for chest wrinkles related to large boobs and side sleeping. I have had mine for a month and am noticing that wrinkles are disappearing and going away with nightly wear. PRO TIP: cut the straps off and wear under a sports bra type shirt. I wear the Lululemon high neck align tanks to bed and just slide the pillow under the shirt. I never even utilized the straps- I cut them off right away.”

Bravity Women Anti-Wrinkle Cleavage Sleep Bra

Brevity Women Anti-Wrinkle Cleavage Sleep Bra

The Bravity Sleep Bra is another great option for women looking for a breast separator. The front Y-shape allows breathability of the breasts that some women may find more comfortable.

It’s clinically proven to not just prevent wrinkles, but also reduce existing creases and lines between the breasts, helping you look younger for longer. It also provides added support for women that are nursing or just got breast implants.

The Bravity bra has adjustable straps to help ensure a perfect fit, and is made from a stretchier material containing 9% spandex. That makes the Bravity breast separator a better option for smaller chested women.

Amazon Review: “I’ll wear this to bed under a big T shirt and my bf doesn’t even know about it. Wake up with literally zero wrinkles, I’m so glad this product exists. So comfy can’t even tell I’m wearing anything.”

Sleep & Glow Pillow Bra

Sleep & Glow Pillow Bra

Looking for a sexier option? The Sleep & Glow Pillow Bra is made of silk and lace, containing cotton foam balls for pure comfort. Fight against a sweaty night sleep with the antibacterial and cooling material of this breast separator.

Your breasts will have the ultimate support, especially when sleeping on your side. This pillow also has adjustable straps like the others.

Amazon Review: “I didn’t know I needed until I had it, the best bra!! It’s like a chest pillow and works amazing, it’s gentle with the skin, comfortable to wear at bed time… believe me, once you have it there’s no going back, now I use it every night!”

La Decollette Night Bra

La Decollette Bra

Last but not least, the La Decollette Night Bra is the original anti-aging night bra for women. It was first invented in the Netherlands before gaining worldwide attention.

It’s made of a soft, stretchy cotton-blend fabric meant to provide you with maximum comfort while you sleep. A one-size-fits-all, easily adjustable sleep bra that gives you anti-wrinkle and anti-creasing support.

Start seeing results after only one night and full results after two weeks. Scientifically tested in Paris to provide outstanding results, the La Decollette bra will help you achieve younger-looking skin. It’s even recommended by plastic surgeons for their patients that have had breast implant surgery.

Amazon Review: “This is my third time buying this. It works! My upper chest was starting to wrinkle due to age and the way I sleep. After a couple weeks of wearing it while sleeping the wrinkles started to go away. Now its prevention. I tried less expensive ones but the length of the pillow was too short a gave me wrinkles at the bottom of my neck. The length of the pillow is important! I find this to be extremely comfortable and effective. Must have for side/ stomach sleepers.”

Best Breast Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Beauty Salon Breast Pillow

Beauty Salon Breast Pillow

The Beauty Salon Breast Pillow is the perfect option for stomach sleepers and is often used in professional massage or salon settings. It offers ideal support and superior comfort so you can get a great night’s sleep.

The great thing about this breast pillow is that it can also be used during breastfeeding to help support tender breasts and encourage better posture. This can help relieve back and shoulder pain that often goes hand in hand with nursing.

The beauty salon pillow is made of high-quality polyester material, which is soft and friendly to the skin but easily washable.

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