How To Get Rid Of A Toothache At Night

toothache at night

Toothache is and has always been a bother to those affected. The pain is very excruciating that it robs one of comfort. It has been scientifically proven that the main causes of a toothache are dental carries, tooth decay, gingivitis and many more. At some other times, the pain seems to die down and suddenly erupts unexpectedly mostly at night. The pain can deter one from engaging in several activities like eating, speaking and even sleeping. Anything hot or cold ingested triggers the teeth nerve hence the pain.

why do my teeth hurt at night

First, with nothing to keep you busy at night, your mind will be more aware of the pain in the tooth. Why? This is simply because during the day, you have got so much to do that the pain in your tooth will slowly drift away from your mind. Yes, a busy mind has got no time to acknowledge several hitches happening to your body.

Another cause is that, for a normal person, he or she sleeps horizontally in a bed. In a horizontal state, the head lies lower than the body. This then creates a chance for the blood to flow rapidly in a bid to reach the brain. With rapid flowing, it exerts lots of pressure on the sick tooth hence accelerating the pain.

Last but not least, the aching is articulated to sinuses. A person with sinus has got trapped mucous which then induces lots of pressure on the tooth as one lies down. In result, it brings up the toothache at night.

The Remedies For Such Pain

The Remedies For toothache

It is important to make an appointment with the dentist. This will take all the pain away. Correct timing counts it too. With the doctor’s medication, such pain will never bother you again. It will facilitate a good night’s sleep since the pain is long gone. However, the following are dependable measures you can take when you have a toothache at night:

• While sleeping, try to balance your head to be at the same level with your head. This is possible by putting together more than one pillow to lay your head-on. This will enable blood flow to the head at a reasonable pace. In effect, it will reduce the pressure exerted on the tooth reducing the pain.

• If the pain is so excruciating, take a Medicated For Toothache. The recommended are Red Cross Toothache. They ease the pain and let you have an ample time.

• Another thing to do is before you go to bed, take a mouthful amount of whisky and rinse your mouth with it. This will leave your tooth painless hence will not have a toothache while sleeping at night.

• Flossing is another thing to consider. Usually after eating, some food gets stuck in your mouth resulting to discomfort accompanied by the pain. The better way to get past this is flossing.

• Rinsing your mouth with salty lukewarm water after having meals contributes to pain reduction. This helps in reducing the bacteria which in turn reduces the pain. This leads to no toothache at night.

• Besides, a toothache at night can be relieved by using ice cubes or rather, a cloth dipped in ice cold water. Simply place on the affected tooth and the pain will go away.

• Can clove oil help alleviate the pain? Yes, it does. It is infamously known for numbing the region enabling a perfect sleep free from pain. It can be applied by placing some few drops of clove oil on the gums. Alternatively, you can dip a cotton swab in the clove oil and put it on the affected tooth.

• One can also choose to use a whole clove. Just place the clove on the affected tooth and let the pain ease away. Aside that, you can make a paste out of it and have water, clove oil, or olive oil to act as a solvent. One is at liberty to use as much paste as possible.

home remedy for toothache at night

Salt and pepper

remedy for toothache at night Salt and pepper

A combination of salt and pepper mixed with water is also a remedy for a toothache at night. However, it is advisable not to use too much pepper as it might lead to unbearable inflammation. In controversy, the more the spicier, the faster it will be to rid the pain. Although it pains a bit due to pepper, the result is a painless tooth for a long period of time.


Garlic for toothache

Garlic too is the solution to toothache at night. It is best known to reduce the number of bacteria in the affected tooth. One can crush a clove of garlic and then apply to the aching tooth to rid the tooth of the pain. Salt can be added at ones wish. Yes, garlic is the remedy to the problem but is not most people’s favorite.

Baking soda

remedy for toothache at night Salt and pepper

This is also a solution and its application is very easy. Its prompt effectiveness is what attracts many. Just dip moist cotton wool in baking soda and have it covered whole by baking soda. Apply on the affected region. An alternative way is by mixing the baking soda in warm water and mouthwash your mouth with it. This will at least put you at rest from the pain.


Lemons are known to have citric acid in them. The same citric acid facilitates pain reduction in the tooth. Just cut a piece of the lemon and squeeze the juice into the paining tooth. One can also choose to extract the juice from the lemon and add salt in it for more efficiency.


Onions are best known to get rid of tooth pain whenever one has a toothache at night. Just cut a small piece of it and place it on top of the tooth. Within a few minutes, the pain will be unheard of.


Without forgetting, ginger has always been known to help too. Just like garlic, ginger roots work the same way in relieving the pain. Simply chew the ginger and the extracted juice will do the work of ridding you off the pain. An alternative way to do is letting the ginger roots soak in warm water and later on rinse your mouth with the solution to ease the pain.

In conclusion

With all the remedies outlined above, one will be lucky to get rid of the pain and sleep soundly. Yes, the recommended ways take the pain away but the most outstanding way is by seeing the dentist as it is a sure way to take the pain away permanently.

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