luna weighted blanket review:Here’s What We Found.

Want a quality weighted blanket that doesn’t break the bank? The Luna Weighted Blanket is one of the most affordable options on the market. Whcheapile other blankets can cost up to $300, Luna is less than $100 and exceeds expectations.

Weighted blankets are not only cozy and calming, they also provide serious mental and physical help. Many evidence-based studies have found that using a weighted blanket at night helps people of all ages sleep better, reduce perceptions of chronic pain, and experience less anxiety. These benefits can be explained by the practice of deep touch pressure therapy (DTP). This is a proven therapy that utilizes pressure to relax the nervous system. This explains why weighted blankets are effective, as they apply calming pressure to the sleeper and consequently relaxs their nervous system.

If you are still wary as to whether this blanket is truly the right fit for you, keep reading this Luna Weighted Blanket review. I have tested and researched the Luna blanket thoroughly in order to find its exact favorable and unfavorable qualities. Trust me when I say that this review will give you an honest and useful report on the Luna Weighted Blanket.

Who Would Benefit from Luna:

  • If you want options. You want a blanket that fits you comfortably and is the exact weight and size you desire. With Luna you have many options to choose from; they offer blankets between 5 and 30 pounds, as well as many different sizing options from which to choose. You can even buy a duvet cover for your bed, which you can share with your partner.
  • If you need a certain size. People of all ages are in need of weighted blankets, from small children to bigger adults. No matter your size and blanket preferences, Luna can find something for you. On the Luna website, you will find how heavy your weighted blanket should be, considering your own weight.
  • If you are a hot sleeper. A big concern for many people is that weighted blankets will make them too hot throughout the night. This is a valid concern as some weighted blankets do create heat and therefore make you sleep less well at night, instead of helping your sleep cycle. However, I did not encounter this issue with Luna. I found the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket to be very breathable because it features Luna’s All Climate Cooling Cotton.
  • If you are frugal. As mentioned earlier, some weighted blankets can cost $300 but Luna is much more affordable. Even their largest blanket only costs $109 and if you buy a smaller size, it costs even less. But don’t be concerned that you are losing quality because of the cheaper price. The Luna blanket is well-made, fashionable, and useful.

Who Might Not Prefer Luna:

  • If you want a heavier blanket in a smaller size. If you are looking for a weighted blanket that is quite heavy and at the same time smaller in size, Luna doesn’t have this option. For example, I wanted a 25 pound weighted blanket the size of a normal throw-blanket but I had to purchase the queen or king size.
  • If you want great weight concentration. Since Luna doesn’t offer narrower, heavier blankets, buyers may not get the best concentrated weight. For me, I prefer a heavier, throw-size blanket that evenly distributes the weight.
  • If you want excellent weight distribution. This is not to say that the weight distribution is poor by any means, but I have seen better weight distribution with other blankets. As you move, you may feel as if the weight is slightly shifting across your body.

What You Should Know About Luna Weighted Blankets

The Luna blankets are offered in many different weights, sizes, and colors. Below you’ll find what is available, how the blankets are made, the current prices, and available sizes.

Sizing and Pricing

Luna Weighted Blanket
  • Kid: 36W” x 48L”
    • 5 lbs $36.99
  • Twin: 41W” x 60L”
    • 7 lbs $44.99
    • 10 lbs $56.99
  • Full: 48W” x 72L”
    • 12 lbs $59.99
    • 15 lbs $64.99
    • 20 lbs $74.99
  • Queen: 60W” x 80L”
    • 10 lbs $66.99
    • 15 lbs $74.99
    • 17 lbs $74.99
    • 20 lbs $72.99
    • 22 lbs $79.99
    • 25 lbs $86.99
  • King: 80W” x 87L”
    • 20 lbs $139.99
    • 25 lbs $112.99
    • 30 lbs $164.99

The prices of these blankets vary depending on the size, style, weight, and color you choose. These five sizes, kid, twin, full, queen, and king, all vary in color and weight options. For example, only the queen and king size offer the 30 pound option. Additionally, fun patterns like ‘pink llama’ and ‘purple unicorn’ are only available in the kid sizes.

If you are considering buying this blanket to share with your partner the best option is the king blanket which was designed to share.

Cleaning and Care

The Luna Weighted Blanket is completely machine washable. Just make sure to check that your washer can handle the weight capacity of your Luna blanket beforehand. It is recommended to wash it separately in cold water, use a delicate setting, and to use a gentle detergent. To dry the Luna blanket, either hang it on the line to dry or tumble dry on a low heat setting.

If you find that your washer does not have the weight capacity for your blanket, you can simply bring it to the laundromat. Additionally, using one of the three available Luna Weighted Blanket Covers, you can avoid having to wash the blanket itself so often. Instead, you can wash the cover which will be much easier to wash and dry since it isn’t as heavy.

Warranty & Returns

Luna’s return policy is within 30 days, but you should note that you have to pay a small fee. These blankets also have a lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that you will receive a refund if the blanket does not meet the Luna standard.

If you read the reviews on Luna, you will find some negative comments concerning their customer service. Their customer service team at times is late in responding or lacks support. However, many online companies can be this way and the best advice is to choose your blanket wisely. Sometimes people will buy products with the thought of returning it soon after, but it would be best not to do this with Luna.

Weighted Blanket Performance Ratings

This next section will focus on the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket, which has rated high in several key categories. These categories include durability, utility, materials, quality, weight distribution, and ability to regulate temperature.

What also makes the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket appealing to customers is that it is available in a wide range of options: size, weight, and color. Additionally, the blanket is very easy to wash at home, has a long lifespan, and is made of a breathable material. The cotton allows for air circulation so that you can sleep at a comfortable temperature without feeling overheated.

Fill Quality

The quality of the fill material is excellent in Luna blankets. Other companies tend to use plastic beads as fill for their weighted blankets, but Luna takes it up a notch. The Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket is filled with medical-grade glass beads that are higher in quality than plastic beads. To keep the glass beads evenly distributed throughout the blanket, fiberfill is also added.

Shell Quality

The outer shell is created with quality cotton, organic materials, and is durable. The cotton is OEKO-TEX certified and it is chemical-free and naturally dyed. With a 300 thread count, the shell is not only durable but soft to the touch as well.

Temperature Control

Luna created a patented layered construction that provides great breathality and subsequent temperature control. Not only does the design provide air flow, but the cotton shell is also moisture-wicking so that you can maintain a perfect temperature throughout the night.

Weight Options

There is a large selection of weight options from which to choose. The kid blankets range from 5 to 10 pounds while the adult blankets offer 12 to 30 pounds.

Fill Distribution

To keep the fill distribution even, the blanket is designed with separate pockets that hold the medical-grade glass beads and fiberfill. These pockets prevent all of the fill from moving to one corner of the blanket if you often move around at night. Within the pockets, the fiberfill controls the weight distribution for the glass beads.


I expect the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket to be very durable because of its quality construction and materials. Both the cotton shell and glass bead fill are high caliber, so the blanket should last you a long time. You can also buy a cover for your blanket, which can be attached by the corner loops provided on the weighted blanket. This cover protects your blanket further and can add to its lifespan.

The Luna Weighted Blanket vs. Other Weighted Blankets

Luna Weighted Blanket vs. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Similar to Luna, the ZonLi Weighted Blanket is also an economical choice for buyers. They also offer similar options in terms of size and weight. However, I did see that they offered more colors and patterns, which might be better for kids who want a specific blanket style.

Both of these blankets are similar in functionality, but the ZonLi is cheaper in comparison to Luna. However, Luna offers a lifetime warranty while ZonLi does not. Both companies use microfiber breads, but Luna utilizes medical-grade glass beads.

In terms of comfort, ZonLi is cozier, softer and more comfortable. This is thanks to their thread count, design, and construct.

Luna Weighted Blanket vs. YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM provides one of the cheapest options on the market, but just because it is cheap does not signify that it is low-quality. The YnM Weighted Blanket is also one of the most popular options on Amazon. The best qualities of this blanket is the price as well as the many size and weight options.

The YnM blanket is entirely filled with glass beads, making it stand out from Luna which mixes glass beads with fiberfill. YnM uses loops to ensure even weight distribution with the glass beads, although the loops appear to be a bit loose. Overall, the weight distribution is better in the Luna blanket; the beads in the YnM blanket seem to move more and almost feel as if they might fall out of the filling.

The YnM Weighted Blanket has a seven layer design that provides great comfort and adequate weight distribution. The blanket also comes with a bamboo duvet cover that has temperate-controlling qualities. However, it may not be as comfortable and cool as the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket.

With some of the YnM models you have to purchase the cover separately. This will increase your total cost, so it is important to note that the low price advertised may not be the final price you pay.

The Luna Weighted Blanket offers a lifetime warranty while the YnM does not. This gives peace of mind when purchasing the blanket, because it is an insurance that the Luna blanket is truly made to last.

While YnM does not provide a lifetime warranty, they do offer a 30-day return policy with Amazon. The offer does not include damage caused by the owner, but it does protect you if the blanket breaks or tears quickly.

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